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Tuesday, February 1, 2022

Everything I Read, January 2022

I've been reading other bloggers book re-caps for years and thought...you read a lot, why not do them yourself? So welcome to a new series! I'm excited to showcase what I've enjoyed and find out from y'all what you love!

All That Is Secret

This was my book club pick of the month and I really enjoyed it. Set in 1923 Denver (yes!) the main character is a Black woman looking for answers on who threw her father out of a moving train. There are quite a few turns and I loved the look into a very racist Denver. You'll see that cities all over — not just the south — let the KKK run wild in horrifying ways. Plus, it's got a cute love story happening among the chaos.

The Man Who Died Twice

This is the second book in the Thursday Murder Club series by comedian Richard Osman. I loved the first one, and I liked this one. It's set in a retirement community in the English countryside where this gaggle of octogenarians raise hell and solve crimes. This version is a little more far fetched than the first, but it's still really fun. It's an easy read and you'll laugh through most of it.

Five Decembers

TWISTY & TURNY! I really enjoyed this mystery-noir set against the backdrop of World War II. Between 1941 and 1945 you'll see the main character traverse the Pacific (Japan, Hawaii, Hong Kong) looking for a brutal murderer and not understanding anything until the very last pages. Did it make me cry a few times? Maybe! But it is one of my favorite reads in a while.

A Thousand Steps

This was the one I was the most ehh about going in. It centers around a 16 y/o boy in Laguna Beach in 1968. His sister goes missing and he is the only person willing to find her. It was super twisty and turny — and I didn't figure out the why behind the kidnapping until it was revealed. The author grew up in LB and uses a lot of the local places, which I enjoyed looking up as I read.

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