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Monday, January 31, 2022

Monday Links

Happy Monday y'all! I am officially back in Colorado and ready to begin February tomorrow. How are you?

Texas French Bread saw me through college. My spirit group had our first formal there, Hannah and I would go eat ginger cookies and talk about how stressed we were, I would get a big breakfast before football recruiting there and I took my parents for their sandwich + chips and salsa. I truly hope they build it back because I am devastated thinking of generations of Longhorns that will go without their incredible food.

The Cartier Tank is something I've always wanted, cool to learn the history.

I've decided to embrace hygge this winter because we all know I hate winter but maybe if I try to enjoy it, I will.

Infrared photos of beautiful photos — love Versailles.

Desperately want the tile in this kitchen in my future home.

I don't need this pullover, but it's cute!

A beautiful studio in Austin.

The Cotswolds just look so cozy!

Denver: 42 ways to explore Colorado this year — some amazing art shows are happening in 2022! Plus a Civil Rights exhibit coming to Dairy Arts Center.

11 BBQ spots in Austin — my favorite is Black's.

Want more?

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