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Friday, December 28, 2018

Year in Review // 2018

We had our last day of school at The University of Texas.
We graduated from the greatest university in the world. 
We celebrated the last day of college with friends.
We were inducted into the Burnt Orange Society. 
We launched the first Lady Bird Johnson Week.
We made our own graduation announcements. 
We bought a Subaru and named her Margaret.
We went to our last Texas Ladybirds formal.
We took Marcus to his first football game.
We became a Cactus StandoUT recipient.
We went apple picking for the first time. 
We celebrated six years of Haute Table.
We saw the most beautiful fall leaves. 
We went to the Big 12 Championship.
We created the London Travel Guide.
We welcomed Serena to Fort Myers. 
We took too many photos in a slide. 
We got a job and moved to Denver.
We made new friends in a new city.
We took a staycation with Hannah. 
We, finally, visited the Biltmore. 
We participated in our last Holi.
We won a lot of football games.
We were inspired by an exhibit. 
We hosted Julia in Colorado.
We enjoyed our hometown. 
We saw 43 inches of snow.
We visited a new state. 
We turned 22. 
2018 was one of the best years I've ever had. But it was also the most bittersweet. I mean I graduated from college with my bachelors, but had to say goodbye to all of my wonderful friends. But then I got my first job and got to move to an amazing city. While here I've made amazing new friends, welcomed old ones to a new city and seen beautiful scenery. My football team has finally started winning again and I get to ring in 2019 in New Orleans with my best friend and parents. I am incredibly proud of myself, of the world and of the blog this year and I'm looking forward to what 2019 brings. It should be a good one - xoxo darling, Hayden. 
P.S. While we have made strides in our government, we still need to do more. Please consider donating and don't forget to always vote. 

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