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Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Week Re-Cap

Aledo's Christmas event.
Oooo she going up laaaate. Sorry about that! But between working, doing vlogmas (have you seen today's video) and just managing the other aspects of my life, it's been a challenge! But here we are, just a few...maybe more...hours late. This week was a great one, I got to visit Bean in Fort Worth, watch Texas lose (it's okay because we're going to the Sugar Bowl!) and spend some time with friends. Here are a bunch of photos from all of it! If you want to see more in depth about my weeks, check out my vlogmas page where you can see what I'm doing literally every day leading up to Christmas. Have y'all been getting in the holiday spirit? - xoxo darling, Hayden

Dinner at The Whiskey Biscuit

The giant Christmas tree in Downtown Fort Worth. 

Delicious breakfast in FW @ Yolk. 


If I'm being perfectly honest, I didn't like the stadium. College football is so different than the NFL and this stadium was DEFINITELY built for the NFL. The acoustics aren't very good 
and the whole thing is just very cold. 

Look at this lil goober. 

Love spending time with these two. 

Delicious Tres Leches cake for Serena's dad's birthday.

The Fort Worth Japanese Garden was showing the last of fall. 

My Christmas tree is finally done!

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