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Thursday, December 13, 2018

Week Re-Cap

The Flatirons looking magical all covered in snow. 
This weekend was so fun! Bean visited and we took on Boulder/Denver. On Friday we drove up to Boulder, which was covered in a blanket of snow, hiked a bit and then went on a tour of Celestial Seasonings where we participated in a marketing study and got free tea! Then we had afternoon tea at the Boulder Teahouse - absolutely beautiful, everyone should visit! Friday night we grabbed dinner with Lauren and Blair at my new favorite Denver restaurant, Steuben's. Saturday we slept in, grabbed brunch went to a Christmas market and visited the popup bar. Sunday we slept in again, had brunch, grabbed coffee, visited a huge Christmas store and took Serena to the airport. If you want to see all of it in video form, check out the vlogmas page. Earlier this week I went shopping in downtown Littleton, which is super cute! This weekend I'm going to chill, maybe so some holiday themed things and get ready for my parents arrival on Monday! - xoxo darling, Hayden

Taste of Denmark has the best pastries. 

A snow bean.

We took a free tour of Celestial Seasonings and they had tons of tea samples for us to try. 

Also, are we rocking those or what?

Friday afternoon tea at the Boulder Dushanbe Teahouse.

Look at that beautiful ceiling! 

It was delicious! The artichoke purses were the highlight.

Comment down below if Serena looks like the Girl with the Pearl earring. 

Adorable present from the teahouse. 

Friday night dinner with two of my Denver friends and Bean at Steuben's. 

Which, let me say, is delicious. We had the Nashville hot chicken and it was ahhhmazing. 

Brunch at Le Peep in Littleton. 

Downtown Denver looking real cute. 

On Saturday Serena and I visited the Denver Christkindl Market downtown.

We got some mulled wine in the cutest little cups that I now make
 my own mulled wine in. 

Miracle Pop-Up Bar is one of my favorite holiday traditions, but dang 
the one in my Denver was insane! Still, Serena and I loved it. 

Cutest photo wall. 

*me, photobombing Serena taking a photo for my Instagram.

We saw some middle schoolers taking this photo and 
thought it was so cute...so we copied it. 

Union Station is all lit up for the holidays. 

Serena and I baked a camembert, made mulled wine and baked 
some of those great cookies that are so bad they're good. 

The French Press in Belmar. 
Those biscuits were covered in cheese and a chipotle sauce. 

The craziest Christmas store in Colorado...maybe the world, St. Nick's. 

Born.2.Bake in downtown Littleton. 

The cutest lil Christmas tree cupcake.

A relaxing morning, I miss having these so much! 

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