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Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Week Re-Cap

 Margarita on Thursday with my friend Becky.
Oh what a week it was. I was so busy every day that last night after cleaning my apartment and making my gallery wall (photos coming soon) I just vegged out with some Taco Bell, wine, Real Housewives and my roomie. It was so needed. In this post there are tons of photos from my weekend in Texas. You can catch the vlog here. What are y'all up to? - xoxo, darling Hayden

My favorite spot in San Antonio, Mi Tierra, was our first 
stop after I got off the plane. 

 I'm drooling right now.

 One of the strongest margaritas I've ever had.

 This cat is the cutest.

 The cutest donut spot for delicious pillows of dough on Saturday morning.

 Fair warning: they have incredibly strong coffee.

 If you can vote in Texas, please vote for Beto. I love him so much.

 Two besties geeking out at a campaign office. 

 Via 313 - a favorite of Hannah and I's.

 Love the view from the Co-Op parking garage.

 Such a beautiful day but gosh was it hot.

Love my two Hannahs.

 Look at this beaut! 

He poses so well.

 My flight back to Denver went well, but it was S N O W I N G when I arrived home. 

The LWV came to my AAUW meeting on Monday and it was wonderful! 

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