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Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Week Re-Cap

Senior Day at Cain & Abel's

After a lot of stress on Thursday (the last day of classes was nuts, I was up at 5:30am), everything chilled out significantly. Friday was Senior Day at Cain & Abel's, something I had been looking forward to for years. You take a photo in the parking lot that then gets framed and placed on the wall - I had to be in it. We drank some Texas Teas, ate queso fries and just had fun. Our friend Mary turned 21 so we took her to Via 313 for her first legal drink. Then I cannot remember a weekend in which I did less. Lots of lounging around my apartment, watching documentaries, eating and catching up on my email. Serena and I went to a mutual friend's Kentucky Derby party (the horse I chose won!). Then I finally did something productive and washed all of my laundry but that took significant energy. Sunday was weird, it was like I was in a kind of funk? Like I had zero motivation but I also did want to just nap all day? It was very strange. So I just watched a lot of Youtube, attempted to start three movies and then talked to Marcus on the phone for over an hour. Y'all have those days where you're just not feeling anything, right? By the way if you have any shows that you've been loving to stream at the moment, let me know, I'm in need of something new, currently catching up on Superstore. Monday morning dawned and I went to Texas French Bread for a treat yo self breakfast followed by getting keys cut (so fun!) and a deep clean of my apartment. Currently, every trinket I own is residing in my closet because I am having photos taken of my apartment so we can sell it. Monday evening was Texas Ladybirds Formal (aka my last formal, nuts). There will be a full blog post with photos of that but there are a few in this post. I hosted a little pre-game where we ate frosted animal crackers and drank champagne. Then we walked over to formal where I had the best time. Formal has never been my favorite event but they did such a wonderful job this year. So if you join Texas Ladybirds in the future, you're going to have a killer formal. Tuesday I was on campus for a study break event Texas Exes was throwing. I was tasked with making cotton candy - first time for everything, right? Then I picked up my final portfolio, you can see that in this vlog, went home and drank some iced coffee to just chill out. Today I have a bunch of things going on, including a movie night with Marcus, Thursday Hannah and I are doing a bagel tour of Austin and Friday I'm hanging out with quite a few people. My parents are flying in this weekend to begin graduation preparation and I'm excited. I've missed them a lot recently and I can't wait to excessively celebrate.

Now, that was much longer than most Week Re-Caps and I want to know what you think. Was it over-sharing or do y'all like more words? Let me know! What are y'all up to? - xoxo darling, Hayden (Top Right: Debora, Taryn, Serena and I at Formal, Middle Right: Kalissa and I at Formal, Middle Left: Cotton Candy at Texas Exes, Bottom Left: Taryn and I at Formal) 
More photos from the weekend are below.

Finally tried under eye masks. Uhm kind of love them? 
They felt so nice on my skin. This was the only kind our 
campus Target had but I want to try more. 

My date, the lovely Marcus, and I at Formal.

Does this not feel like a 2007 middle school, Kodak moment photo?

Basically ever photo of Serena and I starts like this...

I really went to town on a photoshoot with this cotton candy.

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