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Saturday, December 29, 2018

Resolutions in Review

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Every year I make resolutions and then at the end of that year I see how I did. My goals with resolutions are to never make them completely unachievable. That doesn't mean I don't challenge myself, as you can read below...they are difficult, I just hate those #NewYearNewMe resolutions. Find out how I did... 

1. Be a Better Blogger 

I'm going to go with this was more of a fail than a win. Don't worry, I'm still incredibly committed to HT but my love of it is different than it used to be. I think now I'm more of an in the mood blogger than a I have to have 6 posts right now blogger...which is good for me personally I think. Haute Table is not a money-earner so I don't necessarily need to be as avid in posting. But I want to continue to post six times a week, it isn't that. Just know that sometimes I truly don't have anything to say so there might not be a blog post. I'm also becoming really into vlogging...if you couldn't tell and that is a way to show you what I'm doing way more than a blog post. So make sure you're subscribed to Haute Table's YouTube channel. It's a good time. 

2. Read More 

Ehhh...this one could have gone better? I definitely did read a lot more this year than in previous years. But it is nowhere near what I used to be able to do. However, as a tail end of the year situation, I've been doing my 20 minutes a day plan and I'm loving it. Now that I'm an adult it just seems easier and easier to fall out of the pattern of reading. But I am committed to over using my library card. Who knows...maybe this will be a resolution in 2019 too...

3. Avoid My Bed

I killed this goal my last semester of college. I spent more time out of my apartment or in my living room than I ever had. And that has carried into my life in Colorado. Hardly ever am I in my bed anymore...well except last weekend...but I needed it! This goal is full of compromise. Sometimes you need to have a lie in and just stare at the ceiling while contemplating your existence. But then you should get up and get out! 

4. Take Charge of My Life

I would say this resolution was hard but I did it. When I wrote this resolution my future was completely in the air. I had been applying to jobs but nothing was really happening and I was praying that Miles would come through. You might not know this but I applied to over 150 jobs before I graduated from college. I interviewed with Miles in April but didn't find out until August that I got the job. The summer was incredibly challenging because I'm never not one to know exactly what is happening. But at the end of the day, I did take charge of my life. I graduated with the degree I wanted, got the job I wanted, am living in the city I wanted to live in and I'm having a blast. A a person who doesn't really like talking about herself/bragging this is hard to type. But I'm really proud of myself.
And in another sense of this goal, I'm dating. Which is insane. I haven't dated...ever. In school I was always too busy (as determined by myself and my "helpful" friends). But I moved to Denver, got on four different apps and somehow met a boy that I've been seeing. And it's so normal. It's weird. But a two years ago? I would have never been able to do this. So 2018 has been full of even more self-growth than I thought was possible. Taking charge has really helped a girl out. 

Lastly, I vow to vote in the midterm elections. 

I completed this resolution! It was really exciting to get to vote in a state that doesn't attempt to prevent people from taking part in their civic duty. And to have positions won by people I actually voted for. I was disappointed in some of the other states and the way voter suppression is slowly taking over our country, along with gerrymandering. But I think we made some steps in the right direction, we're coming for you 2020.

2018 was a really amazing year for me. College graduation, getting a dream job, getting to move to one of my favorite cities, lots of travel and the start of dating...I am really thankful for my personal growth. See you back here for my new resolutions, coming soon! - xoxo darling, Hayden.

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