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Thursday, August 23, 2018

What I'm Reading

Over the course of the summer I've had the opportunity to read a ton of books! And that makes me so happy - because I love to read. And I'm happy that I will have more of a chance to read for fun now that I'm no longer in college. Below are the books I've read and what I've thought about them. Let me know if you've read them or if you have any recommendations as I'm currently looking for as many new books as possible - xoxo darling, Hayden.
House of Silk - As an avid Sherlock Holmes fan and a big Anthony Horowitz reader I knew I wanted to read this book. It will keep you interested the whole time - and it is very Sherlock. Lots of descriptions, lots of activity and it does have a disturbing element to the end so be forewarned. But I had no idea what was going on in the mystery for the longest time (which is rare for me). 
The Yard - Set just after the Jack the Ripper murders in London, this book has so many twists and turns. It tells you who the killer is fairly early on but it is chock full of dramatic irony and plot devices. My dad and I both loved it and would highly recommend. We're going to read more in the series because seriously, there are tons of characters & each of them is interesting. I really liked the complexity of the main character and his relationship with his wife.  
The Gray Ghost - We are avid Clive Cussler fans, especially Isaac Bell & the Fargos, & this book combines both. The book is about a 1906 Rolls Royce that is stolen (and the parts to fix another one as well) so it flashes between the early 1900s and present day. The Fargos are tasked with helping the family who worked on the Rolls find it again. There are train robbers, fires and more. It was a great read and I would highly recommend if you need to take your mind off of something. Or if you are going on a plane ride - it's just an easy read. 
Pulse - Reading this was a little bit of a struggle. The main character is struggling with her mental health and it is tough to witness. But she follows her brain/heart and really goes after solving a murder of someone she doesn't even know. But there's a lot to slug through so if you're looking for something fast this might not be your cup of tea. However, if you are a former (or current) horse girl, this is the book for you! 
Sins of the Father - My dad and I read the first Countess of Prague a while back and were so excited when the second book came out. Sins of the Father centers around a, kind of, poor countess, the Royal Highness of Austria, Mayerling and more. The Countess travels all around - Paris, Vienna and the countryside. Her staff follows her around and her husband just is as out of it as ever. If you are here for early 1900s Prague & Vienna this one is for you! 
All My Enemies - I found this book for less than $4 in Gene's Books and decided to buy it because the author had one a few awards on it. My dad wasn't so sure (and to be honest I wasn't either) but we started reading it and couldn't stop. There are so many turns in the plot! It opens with a young girl being brutally murdered in her own home and ends with a theater troupe being heavily involved. The main character, Kathy Kolla, is great and provides a little bit of personal life with a great mix of her work. 
The Nightingale Before Christmas - I've been reading this series for years and love each book. They are easy reads (great for planes, trains and automobiles) but they have humor and mystery. I love the main character, she gets pulled into family drama but has great wit. This one is set during Christmas time and I read it about the time of Christmas in July, which was nice. It centers around a interior design house that the main character's mother roped her into but a designer turns up dead in the house! Who could've done it? 
The Improbability of Love - This is the book I'm currently reading and to be honest it has had the slowest start for me. I'm still working my way through it but I put it down and then don't put it back down. Let me know if you've read it and I should continue because I am s t r u g g l i n g. 

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