Friday, August 3, 2018

Boca Black

When I spotted this dress on a rack at River Rose in New Braunfels, Texas I knew I wanted it. As y'all know I hardly ever wear black but there was something about this little number that drew my eye. Maybe it was the scalloped edges or the embroidered flowers but I fell in love. And you might not know this, I hate wearing new clothes as soon as I get them. I prefer to hold on to them for special occasions. But since I had Commencement the week I found this lady, I decided what better time to wear it? The summer in Texas dictates cute, comfy sun dresses so here we are. The shoes are from Longhorn Fashions a few years ago but they still make versions of them (see below). I loved the pom poms with the colors of the flowers on the dress. We shot the look at the Boca Grande Community Center, a building that I love because of its graceful architecture and location on my favorite island. What do y'all think? - xoxo darling, Hayden
Side Note: Despite having purchased the dress in May I cannot find it anywhere on the Internet. So, below I have made a compilation of dresses by the same brand that are almost near matches. There are tons of different colors and I love 'em all. 

In case you were wondering how shoots actually go...
there are way more of these than there are good ones. 
You have to stay goofy! 
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  1. This dress is so cute on you!