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Friday, August 31, 2018

Desk Supplies

Now that I'm a working girl...not actually prepared to say that...I thought I would share some of my favorite things I've seen around the Internet for your desk (or for school)! Below are some adorable little accessories, some practical some not, for your cubicle or office. What do you think? And what is your must have office accessory? Asking because this is a new experience for me! - xoxo darling, Hayden

Because I am a traditionalist when it comes to planning things I always have a paper planner. This floral planner seems like it would be the perfect way to start your new year as an organized human. Put it in the Lilly Folio for even more stylish organization. I love the concept because it keeps your planner (with all of that important info) a little safer (from water or whatever) and I like the gold leaf design. For your office itself I like the idea of having a calendar hung on a wall so you can see your dates while on phone calls or while using your computer so you don't have to keep pulling up Google Calendar for easy dates. This 2019 calendar is so cute! Now for your notes, here are a bunch of note books. The first is a notebook set of three for all different kinds of things. They are super light so I like the idea of carrying all three in your tote and having three different concepts in each. For example, one could be your ideas, one could be work and one could be your personal to-dos. The people covered notebook is a really cute way to get your notes written down at work. And the navy notebook is awesome for your future plans (be that blog posts, ideas or starting a new business). I've never used a to-do notebook but I like the idea of it. It would really outline your day and I think that could be nice. The note pad set is perfect for those on the go, leaving notes for co-workers or even roommates. For your computer accessories, how cute is this mousepad? I love the millennial pink + gold combo. And I've been a lover of Packed Party for years; this keyboard cover will inspire you to sit down and write (be that emails or your next novel). Everyone needs a tape dispenser and stapler so why not make them aesthetically pleasing? The stapler is from Packed Party and will be like a party on your desk while the tape dispenser screams an LA type of vibe. I love these pencils and pens & want to put them in this pencil holder. Also, this Kate Spade kit would be so great to have in your work tote bag or in a desk drawer. This leather paper holder would be a great outgoing box for things in meetings or as storage. Need to have a stack of papers on your desk? Put them under this paperweight or stick them in these beautiful folders. Lastly, are you reading a book for work or maybe you've got a book you read during your lunch hour? Mark your spot with this bookmark

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