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Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Early Fall Buys

Can y'all believe it is already August 7th? Like where has the summer gone? And I realize we still have all of August and if you live in the South you'll know summer doesn't really ended until at least halfway through October. But when I see that September is just around the corner that makes me think of fall, aka my favorite season. It has the best weather and the best clothes, in my opinion. 

So why not go ahead and do a lil' shop around the web for your new fall wardrobe? A lot of my favorite sites have already started adding sweaters and fall colors back into their new arrivals. I'm really excited y'all...I think I'll be living in a place that shows real color change and gets cold...more on that at a later date. 

What do y'all think? Would you rock any of these items? And what is your favorite season? - xoxo darling, Hayden

Sweaters: The white sweater is the epitome of perfection in my mind. It's that classic fisherman sweater that you put on to be cozy while on your couch watching a rom-com with candles blazing...I've been watching a little too much Zoella recently... The green sweater is just a classic and you can find it in a ton of different colors. I think the pink sweater is the perfect transition piece from summer to fall because it's a summer color but the collar screams fall. I really like how the navy sweater looks, it's not a normal cable knit but it has some traditional elements. It looks like it would be very comfy. The striped sweater just looks cozy and would be a great piece to put over black slacks/jeans and booties for work.

Plaid Shirt: Everyone needs a plaid shirt for fall and I like this one because it isn't the traditional button-up with a collar that you normally think of in the season. It would be cute over a simple pair of jeans with penny loafers or riding boots depending on how "fall" you want to be. 

Orange Dress: As a proud Longhorn I need this dress...right? But also, it is the perfect color for fall and since it's still flipping hot outside it would make a great piece for you to trick yourself into think it's fall before it really is. 

Shoes: The penny loafers below are the best way to describe how I want to dress this fall. Basically a version of a prep school woman/1950s/60s ivy league college...are y'all getting that vibe? But I love these shoes, they look comfy and classic. The leopard heels just look fun! I've never worn leopard print before but I'm thinking these scream fall - maybe with a dark red? These vans are so flipping cute! And great for UT events, am I right? But I think they would be great for fall weekends with skinny jeans rolled up and a light sweater. 

Outerwear: What I love most about fall is the weather and the ability to actually layer my clothes. I run really hot so being able to actually put on a jacket is a real win for me. Speaking of, I've always wanted a quilted jacket but have never been able to find the perfect one. I love this one because it's simple and I really like the navy color. As for the jean jacket, I recently donated my old jacket because it just wasn't me anymore so I have been on the hunt for a new one. I like the classic shape of this GAP version and what better way to ring in fall than with a jean jacket? 

Houndstooth Pants: Can we just talk about these? They are the perfect statement pant and they would go with any simple top and shoes. Throw on a white Oxford shirt or a black sweater and simple black flats and you'll be ready for any fall-time meeting at work. 

Accessories: This tote bag is the perfect thing to throw all of your essentials (and more). I'm thinking a water bottle, your planner, a little cosmetic bag, your passport and your wallet would be perfect. It also appears to fit your laptop as well. For your more active adventures, this crossbody will be perfect! It comes in a few different colors but I like the one below the most and I really like the buckle detail. Lastly, the plaid scarf is just an iconic fall/winter wardrobe essential and I really like the colors in this one. I think you can truly match it with any color and it will work. 

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