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Monday, August 20, 2018

Six Years, Part Two

Another year another -- years, part two. This tradition is one of my favorites on the blog because it shows me exactly what you, the reader, liked the most and I have the opportunity to talk about my favorite posts. And let me just say, there were a lot of favorites this year. Also, thank you to each and every one of you because I had some of the best performing posts in this last year. Keep scrolling for my discussion of the posts below...

Most Popular: 

Pink Ascot (191) - I'm thrilled this was one of the most viewed posts this year because I was a little worried about the outfit. But I loved the location. I hardly ever wear a jean jacket on the blog because I've never really thought it fit my aesthetic or brand. Did I mention that specific jean jacket was from middle school? It doesn't fit anymore and it actually got the boot when I was moving out of my apartment. So I'm looking for a new one if y'all have any recommendations. But the photos turned out really good and I ended up loving this post despite my trepidation. 

48 Hours in Nashville (490) - My most viewed post of the year is something I did less than a month ago! Nashville is a wonderful city and I loved the format this was written in - 48 hours is conceivable for anyone in travel. If you are planning on visiting Nashville soon I truly hope you use this guide because I loved every minute of writing it for ya. Also, it is one of the longest posts I've ever written but it is one that makes me even more sure that this blog should be travel centric as well as fashion. For the longest time I have relegated travel to an occasional post here and there but I think it's what I'm best at and from your responses I think you agree. So in this next year, expect way more travel. 

Rugby Cheer (227) - Let me just say, this skirt was one of the hardest purchases for me. I wanted a cheer skirt starting at the beginning of spring 2017 but was totally unsure if I could pull it off...and maybe you are thinking...yeah don't wear that again (which is fine). I sent countless cheer skirts to friends in the summer of 2017 asking their thoughts & got mixed reviews. Then I came across a fairly cheap skirt on Amazon and decided to buy it. But then I ordered a size too small and sent it back thinking that was the end of my dream. Well, my mom being the amazing woman she is bought the skirt in the next biggest size and had it sent to my college apartment. I put it on and knew I had to take photos of it for the blog. In fashion I think it's important to try out clothes that scare you. I am always an advocate of playing it safe but stepping out of a comfort zone can be fun. I ended up loving this outfit and plan to wear it this fall. Who cares if it's way too much navy or stripes? I like it. 

Grizzelda's Review (240) - In elementary and middle school I was a restaurant critic so I decided to bring that to HT a little while back. I've tried to step up and make them full length like what would appear in a newspaper and I'm happy with where they have ended up. Grizzelda's is a fun restaurant in Austin that I would highly recommend anyone visit. Get the sweet potatoes, they're so flipping good! 

Wynwood (301) & Vizcaya Blue (300) - Both of these posts were taken on the same trip to Miami last summer and I wasn't sure about either one when we shot them. I was worried the dress from the Vizcaya post didn't look good on me anymore (I had purchased it earlier in the summer) and I wasn't sure about the lighting when we took the Wynwood shots. But clearly the readers loved them! And I'm happy about that because my dad (my og photographer) took so so so many photos to create those posts. 

Fall Footwear (296) - Round-up posts of my favorite things are one of my favorite kind of posts to write. Because who doesn't like waxing on about things in their lives that they love? This fall footwear guide is something I love because fall is my favorite season and shoes are the greatest? They make or break an outfit? Are these just my thoughts? And since fall is just around the corner, click through that link and find yourself some fall shoes! 

Labor Day (294) - I'm not sure why this is one of the most highly viewed posts...it's just wishing everyone a happy Labor Day with a pretty photo of some palm trees near my house? But you know, whatever floats your boat. This year has taught me the importance of taking time off from the blog. If you've been a reader for a long time you'll know I used to post every day of the week and for a couple of years, twice a day for seven days. That was a lot of work. Now I am much more willing to take time off because I am not always creative, my posts can be redundant and not fun if I'm not putting the effort necessary in. But thank you for understanding that and allowing me time to recoup and create even better content. 

My Favorites:

Boca Black - This is one of my favorites from the past year because I just love the dress. And Hannah was in Fort Myers so she was able to take the photos and we were on my favorite island in Lee County. Just everything about it makes me happy.

Happy Graduation - Showing y'all my "senior" photos was a fun time because I loved them. I'm wearing a Lilly Pulitzer dress, a friend took them and I walked all over campus for them. They turned out so amazing (thank you Taylor!) and I just thought it would be a fun way to announce my graduation. These photos will remind me of my college experiences for years to come and I'm happy they exist on Haute Table. 

Final Formal - Some of my all time favorite photos from college come from this epic night. My last formal with my spirit group, Texas Ladybirds, was the best formal over all three years. We had it in a historic building in West Campus that was a feminist history book, we danced the night away, ate way too much pasta and were all dressed to the nines. My date was one of my best friends, Marcus, who let me tell you - is the best date you could have. I don't know...I just love the photos y'all. Makes me tear up. 

University of Texas at Austin Graduation - I love knowing that I will have these thoughts, photos and emotions for as long as the Internet exists. Haute Table has always been a kind of my version of a photo album and I have loved sharing really personal memories on it. This is just another example of that. 

Colorful Photo Wall - One of the last apartment stylings I did in college was inspired by Instagram (I hate that I just typed that but it's true). The photo wall was a fun little thing to do to spice up my apartment senior year and I'm proud of the way it turned out. It was also one of the first "home" DIYs I've ever done and people seemed really receptive to it. That made me happy! I can't wait for further apartment DIYs that are coming...very soon. 

London Travel Guide - Sitting down and writing this was one of the hardest things I've ever done on the blog, not because it wasn't fun but just because it was so much. Combining two and a half months of living somewhere into a guide is just difficult. But I loved the stress of it. And now I have something to share with anyone who will be visiting London. Seriously, if you haven't looked through it and are planning on going I would highly recommend. I tried out so much while I was there and have real opinions on a lot of it! 

Week Re-Cap Hannah Visits Edition - Playing tourist in your own town sounds like something spun out of a bad chamber of commerce ad...but then you do it and you have a blast. There are so many things in our communities that we overlook because we don't know about them or we think they are lame but sometimes it's nice to resign yourself to be stupid and go do stuff you wouldn't normally do. With Hannah all of that is made easy - the girl is up for anything and we always have a blast. Being a tourist with her this summer created memories I will never forget. 

Biltmore Pink - When I would come home for winter breaks I would bring a few important pieces but not everything in my wardrobe. So doing blog shots was always hard, or more difficult than normal. So being able to create one of my favorite outfits this year out of my grandma's sweater, a bandana from Amazon and other basic pieces made me really happy. And we shot it at the Biltmore, which is just gorgeous. I love all of the photos so much.

One Second Every Day of Senior Year - When I saw people recording one second a day for an entire year I instantly loved the concept. I've watched so many YouTubers do this and I thought to myself...why not do it but with one of the most important/exciting years of your life? Senior year of college. So I did it! And I only forgot one day...but I made up for it and no one will ever know what day that was except for me. I look back on this video and get misty now so I have no idea what my reaction will be five years from now. Click through and give it a watch. 

Best Friend Tag Video - This past year I really made a foray into vlogging and creating videos for HT. I did my first "Week in My Life," did more travel vlogs and tried to show everyone on the Internet what going to school at Texas is like. I have loved creating these videos and plan to do more in the coming months! Stay tuned for my moving to --- video and how to get a job vlog and more. I am working to come up with more innovative ways to do "Week in My Life" because now I'll be in an office for a majority of the day...but we shall see. I'm also planning on participating in Vlogmas so GET READY! But this video in particular is one of my favorites because you can really tell how close Hannah and I are. I had been wanting to film this for forever and Hannah agreed so we had a blast filming it and it reminds me of good times. 

Let me know if one of these is your absolute favorite or if you have another one in mind. While you're at it, let me know what you want to see from me in this next year - xoxo darling, Hayden.

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