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Friday, August 24, 2018

My Recent Favorites

SToK Cold Brew - Over the summer I really wanted to find an iced coffee I could buy in the grocery store to make into iced coffees/lattes. When I was in my apartment in Austin I would just brew it in my coffee maker and then pour it over ice. But in Fort Myers, we don't have a coffee maker. SHOCKER. So it was necessary for life. I ended up on Stok because it is so good. I buy the unsweetened (green label), make put about 1/2 a cup of ice, 2/3 a cup of coffee, 1/3 fat free organic milk and a splash of heavy cream. Mix it all together and you have a wonderful latte. I love it and have been drinking it all summer. 
More Zoella - Okay, me living under the rock that I live under, was introduced to Zoella only a few months ago. But I wasn't a huge fan of her main channel (I'm not into beauty as y'all already know), however, her vlog channel IS AMAZING. First of all, she lives in one of the most beautifully decorated homes I have ever laid eyes on. Second, she combines multiple days into a vlog so they end up being about 30-50 minutes long and I like that. I can put it on in the background and just go forth. Also, she is one of the most positive people I have seen on the Internet and is just an overall inspiration. She does Vlogmas and if you have ever wanted to see someone obsessed with Christmas, go for it. She has inspired me to film a vlogmas on here, so get ready for that. I can't explain my love for the vlogs very well but I do know I get excited when she posts a new one. Also, her friendship with Mark Ferris is #goals. And they've both made me want to watch Love Island...which I just started.

Talbots - So I haven't purchased anything from the new Talbots collection but I just received the catalogue (they took photos in London and it seems to be a theme in the clothes as well) and I'm in love. They have so many good pieces! This trench coat would be a great addition to your fall/winter. I think I need to pull the trigger on this quilted jacket because I think it would be perfect for winters. Does this dress look like a flight attendant uniform? Maybe? But I like it. I think this jacket would be great for your meetings/just if you work in a more business-y office. My mom and I both like this jean jacket because of the cute detailing. I've never really owned kitten heels but these are too cute to pass up! Great for fall parties. A very cute top with great sleeve detailing. Obsessed with these low heels

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