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Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Week Re-Cap

The line for free Amy's was slightly crazy, but it honestly didn't take that long.
I had Mexican Vanilla with chocolate chips.
Babs & I saw a Chinese restaurant on our way to 
Amy's so we stopped in, it was delicious! 
My FIG had our last meeting & 
my friend Lauryn and I brought bagels.
 Donut selfie!
Love these girls!
 It was so foggy that the tower was encased!
 Love me some sponakopita!
Heavenly Hash @ Gordough's!
 Emma & I went to the Phi Psi Christmas Party
 They had Mickey Avalon perform...
I didn't know who he was either.
After Emma & I went to Kerbey of course!
Our waiter made smiley face in our hot chocolate.
Beignet pancakes made the night.

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