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Thursday, November 13, 2014

Dreaming of Paris

Paris...it is a very special place.
And not just because it is beautiful, famous, historical, delicious, or any of the other adjectives you could associate with the City of Lights. 
When I was in Paris I made an amazing confidant, friend, and grandmama. The city brought us together and the city changed me for the better. I do not see things as I used to because Paris had an enormous effect on my life.
Now why is this relevant to right now? Because I cannot stop thinking about it! My grandmama is there right now, and I am craving so many Parisian things! So below are some of my top things, that if you are ever in the city, you MUST do. Check them out below-xoxo darling, Hayden.
No. 1: Breakfast at Fauchon
This store is amazing! The window dressings are gorgeous, when I was there they were all done up for Easter. You can grab a coffee and chocolate croissant and eat in one of the windows in the cafe portion. It is great people watching {and maybe a little shopping}.
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No. 2:  Afternoon at the Sainte Chapelle
This is where my grandmama and I's relationship changed for forever. The chapel is gorgeous, and is {honestly} better than Notre Dome. It is a little harder to find, but it is only a block away from Notre Dome. The gigantic stained glass windows make your mouth drop to the ground and you can spend the entire afternoon whispering and gaping.

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No. 3: Afternoon hot chocolate at Angelina
When I did my research on Paris I discovered Coco Chanel hung out at Angelina in her spare time. So where did I HAVE to go? Angelina of course! The hot chocolate is VERY different than the Swiss Miss we have over here. It is thick and more like warm chocolate milk. It is delicious but very rich. They even sell it in cute glass bottles for purchase. There are tons of pastries to be had as well. You can also watch all of the old school Parisian women having coffee and discussing the next ball they will be attending.
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No. 4: Drink coffee at a cafe in Place des Vosges
Place des Vosges is one of my grandmama's favorite places in Paris, and I can understand why. It is a beautiful brick square with lots of little cafes, galleries, a square, and it has some serious history. While there I saw the quintessential Paris. A girl rode up on a bicycle wearing a stripped shirt, carrying a baguette in her basket, all she was missing was the beret.  You have to sit and have a leisurely coffee because the people watching is second to none.
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No. 5: Walk through Printemps
Ah Printemps, what a magical store. Each brand has its own mini store inside the massive departments store, and the clothing is gorgeous. Parisian women are causally shopping for Chanel while you are amazed at how close you can get to it. It warrants a walk through.

No. 6: Afternoon snack at Laduree
If you have never heard of Laduree, I am not sure why you are reading this blog...I mean it was on Gossip Girl and it is everywhere in popular culture. Their macarons trump everyone else's and the experience of buying them is interesting by itself. They will not let you take photos of their display cases {true story, I tried}. Each macaron has been baked with care and they come in the strangest flavors...like rose water {what does that even taste like...one hint AMAZING}. I went to the original on the Champs and loved every minute of it. They are like little jewels. 
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No. 7: A visit to the Grand Trianon
Versailles is great, do not get me wrong, I loved every gaudy minute of it. But back on the right corner of the property is Marie Antoinette special little palace. It is pink, has a miniature Hall of Mirrors, and a fantastic porch {grandmama & I decided we could through a spectacular dinner party out there}. Plus there is a branch of Angelina back there and sheep. It is a must visit. 
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No. 8: Afternoon on the Little Island {including a stop at Berthillon}
The Ile St. Louis is a special place, where only extremely rich Parisians live. I am talking government officials and the like. But the shopping and delicious foods are so wonderful you must spend some time. If you go in March make sure you check out their version Carnival. Oh and what is Berthillon you ask? Only the greatest ice cream store on the face of the planet. Seriously. 
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No. 9: See the sunset atop the Arc de Triomphe
Some might say, this is incorrect, see the sunset from the Eiffel Tower, but NO. You go up in the Eiffel Tower during the day or at night. From the Arc you can see the Eiffel Tower, Montmartre and everything else during sunset, which is magical. The Arc is located at the center of one of those gorgeous spokes {a wonder in urban planning} and when the sun is setting it highlights how gorgeous the city really is. But make sure you have not had too many sweets yet because those steps can be STEEP. Pro tip: to get across the circle to the Arc, look for the stairs going below ground on each side of the Champs. 
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No. 10: Take the funicular to Montmartre
I would suggest doing this during the day because the sky will be clear and you will be able to see for miles. Plus the church is gorgeous! And there is a little tram you can take for the ultimate tour of Montmartre, that's right you pass in front of the Moulin Rouge, complete with its windmill facade. If you are up for some fantastic people watching and laughs check out the Lapin Agile for some late night singing of French tunes and some strong shots. 
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  1. I went to Paris a few years ago and I agree that it is an amazing city. Your post makes me miss the city as well! Very well done!


  2. Paris is by far my favorite city on the planet. I'm actually going next weekend, and I'm really excited. My friends and I are planning on going to Montmartre and Lauduree at least... :)