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Saturday, November 8, 2014

Getting Ready with Soft Lips

So let me state this before I even begin...these photos are from our trip to Sixth Street...which was on September 6th. Yeah, I realize that is just over two months ago. The post got thrown in my draft box on blogger and I didn't look at it until Devi mentioned it the other night. So low and behold, here is the post:

Going to Sixth Street is an experience, random men come up to you begging you to come in their clubs, haggling free alcohol. It makes it even better if you have a witty friend {like mine, Emma} to shout back at them "Do you want to go to jail?" Because we are all 18 and just went downtown to have a nice meal and celebrate our BFF's birthday. I think part of us was honored that these people wanted us in their establishments, but then the smart part of our brain realized it was awful and disgusting. After we left Sixth we headed to our first frat party and the rest is history. 
Below are some photos of us getting ready for the strangely magical night:
I was having a serious shoe crisis.
My outfit for the night
Babs came and got ready with us
If you have not heard me talk about Soft Lips in the past, I cannot say better things about them. I seriously love the design of the container & the lip gloss itself is awesome!
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