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Friday, November 28, 2014

Articles I Am Reading

  1. YES YES YES...DIY Pineapple Costume for Halloween...Studio DIY
  2. All of my favorite bloggers are apple picking in the cutest clothes right now, and I'm like, "I live in Texas!"...20 Essential Items to Make Apple Picking Chic...Marie Claire
  3. I would like to take these with all of my BFFs...10 Vacations To Take With Your BFF...Harper's Bazaar
  4. I want to make this so bad! I am a sucker for a cute cape...Plaid Cape...P.S. I Made This
  5. Love, love, love James Bond, and his girls...The 25 Best Bond Girls of All Time...Harper's Bazaar
  6. Number 1 on the list? Austin, Texas of course...Best Coach Boots...Harper's Bazaar

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