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Sunday, November 16, 2014

The Food Diaries: Mozart's

Recently Devi and I have been trying harder to go out and try new things. This past weekend we went to Mozart's with our friend Barbara. The sun was just setting as we entered the adorable cafe located on Lake Austin. 

The cafe serves various items, but mainly focuses on sinful desserts, gelato, and coffee. They offer sandwiches and quiche, but really get some sort of pie or pastry.

You can get everything from homemade biscotti to mini pies.

And mousse cups and cheesecakes.

And cookies and cakes.

Plus there is a whole wall full of coffees to try.

Barbara got a brownie a la mode with pumpkin ice cream. She said it was delicious...that was all I could get out of her.

Devi tried a slice of the decadent Oreo cheesecake. The crust crumbled within the first fork stabbing. "It was rich, sweet, and delicious," she said. It was so rich she could not even finish it.

Since moving to Austin I have become slightly obsessed with Mexican Vanilla ice cream. When I saw it in gelato form and that I could get it on top of a warm brownie made it even better. The gelato quickly melted into every crevice of the brownie making it a soupy {but wonderful} mess.

We had grabbed a table outside, on their extensive patio, just in time for the sunset. As we sat in a dessert coma we watched as turtles swam up and various boaters honked their horns.

Devi also tried strawberry Italian soda and she said, "It was bubbly and tickled my throat. I love Italian soda, and this was one of my favorites."

Overall Mozart's is the perfect stop for dessert with a beautiful view. Plus, if you are riding public transportation, the bus stops right in front of the cafe.

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