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Monday, January 3, 2022

Twenty Twenty Two Resolutions

Ahh 2022. Should I be excited? Or scared? Right now I'm walking the line between absolute panic with omicron and excitement for a new year and exciting things to come. If I'm being honest this is the first year where I hated reviewing my resolutions, but I am genuinely happy with the three below. Much like with 2021 I'm keeping them simple because who knows what will happen in the next 12 months. I'm looking forward to eating more, drinking more, exploring more and just enjoying the simple things in life. Hope you're having a great 2022 and you're excited for another year.


If y'all haven't noticed there's a lot wrong with Haute Table at this time. I had to get all new gmails, accounts...pretty much everything a while back and when I deleted my gmail associated with Haute Table every.single.photo was deleted. And I will be honest, I haven't been great about fixing it. I did make a huge spreadsheet with every blog post to update and I've done a wee bit but it's nowhere near where it needs to be. This is a long-haul project and I just want to chip away at it so we get back to where we should be.
So here's to getting Haute Table back on track.


Usually there's a goal on my resolutions about exploring and this is no different, it's just more specific. I've gotten great at eating by myself but for some reason drinking at breweries has taken a while, however I think I'm ready. So, my goal is to go to as many Denver-area breweries as possible in 2022.
So here's to raising a glass...a lot.


While I adore baking (see recipe page here), cooking is not my strong suit. Can I cook? Absolutely. Do I like cooking? Absolutely not. If I have a day planned where I'm cooking something special on like a Saturday, I'm fine. But I hate cooking after I've worked all day, it doesn't de-stress me like I think it does others. However, I listen to Table Manners podcast and each time I listen I am so inspired to cook. So, my challenge for myself is once a week I'm going to cook something. You might be thinking that's so little...but trust me. I am a girl who eats out a lot (s/o to my side job) and heats up a ton of TJ's frozen curry. So, this is a big deal for me. A note: I will not be starting this goal until the week of Jan. 24 (so 49-ish meals instead of 52).
So here's to brushing the dust off my oven mitts.

One Final Thought...

My 61 in 1001 is concluding this year! November 11th to be exact, and while I know some of it I won't be able to finish (shakes fist at covid) we shall be crossing quite a few things off the list this year!

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