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Thursday, January 27, 2022

Best Ice Cream Shops in Denver, Updated

Nothing says winter like eating ice cream when it's below 32, right? I don't know why but I crave ice cream when it's cold! And while you might not, you can bookmark this and save it for those summer months when the Mile High City gets to boiling temperatures.

Did I miss your favorite ice cream parlor? Let me know in the comments below!


This food truck roves around Denver's events and they make ice cream out of fruit...that's it. There's no dairy, which is insane because Ba-Nom-a-Nom is some of the creamiest ice cream I've ever had.
Thing to order: Banana with chocolate sauce & sprinkles
Bonnie Brae Ice Cream
This Denver classic sits in Bonnie Brae neighborhood (great for a walk to look at old houses) and I love that it feels like an ice cream parlor should.
Thing to order: Peppermint on a sugar cone
The Constellation Ice Cream
Owned by the Little Man family, this entirely outdoor shop made (partially) out of an airplane dishes up slightly crazy treats.
Thing to order: Baked Alaska pop
Cornicello is a great post-meal treat in the Milk Market.
Thing to order: Birthday cake on a sugar cone

Dang! Soft Serve

This softserve place comes from the people behind Little Man and it's delightful. Located in Park Hill, it serves up different flavors
 with tons of toppings.
Thing to order: Vegan peppermint with oreos
Em's Ice Cream
New England-style ice cream reigns supreme at this Park Hill shop. They even 
make everything down to the chocolate chips!
Thing to order: Mint chocolate chip on a cone
 Hand-churned ice cream with hand-squeezed juices, homemade hot fudge and out-of-the-world flavors like coconut chocolate melt make this 21-year-old-shop a Colorado classic.
Thing to order: Banana pudding on a cake cone
 An old-school chocolate shop in downtown Golden, with black-and-white tile the Kardashians would be jealous of, Golden Sweets is a perfect spot for a cone to lick as you walk along Clear Creek.
Thing to order: Snickers on a waffle cone
Ever had New Zealand-style ice cream? Basically they take sweet cream ice cream and fresh berries, put them in a special machine and pulverize them together to create an incredible, cloud-like dessert that is worth every penny.
Thing to order: Mixed berry in a sugar cone
Heaven's two locations have every kind of gelato flavor you could ever want or need. 
Thing to order: Stracciatella on a sugar cone

High Point Creamery

This is a very famous Denver spot as they do the ice cream flight; meaning five flavors of ice cream, one of their sauces and a few waffle cone chips. It's a great way to experiment with new-to-you flavors.
Thing to order: The ice cream flight

What started up in the mountains is finally a Denver favorite! I Scream makes insane flavors that are meant to be photographed — think whole donuts sitting atop glistening tubs of freshly made gelato. 
Thing to order: Olive oil on a cone
East Colfax's Ice Cream Riot has crazy flavors, cereal milk anyone? Plus, crazy creation like ice cream cannolis and pop-tart sandwiches.
Thing to order: Hot fudge pop-tart with cookies and cream

Inside Scoop Creamery

Located right off the main drag of downtown Littleton, this parlor makes classic flavors and there's a mural next door to snap a photo in front of.
Thing to order: Hot chocolate on a waffle cone
 Located in the Gateway area (so yes, super close to the airport), La Michoacana Premium does classic Mexican treats like mangonada.
Thing to order: Paleta (any flavor)
In the middle of Cap Hill, Liks has been crafting cream since 1976! It's a short walk from the Denver Botanic Gardens, so I highly recommend combining your trip.
Thing to order: Rice krispie on a sugar cone
Probably the most iconic ice cream spot in Denver, Little Man is in a literal milk can. Like a giant one. Thing to order: Salted oreo on a cake cone
This is that classic small-town ice cream parlor you grew up going to. Brightly colored walls, what seems like miles of buckets of ice cream and plenty of cone options.
Thing to order: Elk Tracks on a sugar cone
 Homemade waffle cones and a Guinness World Record make Mc2 a fun stop. What's even better are their flavors like Silly Rabbit (Trix), Ghost Raspberry (with ghost peppers) and Day at the Ballpark (caramel popcorn, sunflower seeds & peanuts).
Thing to order: Cookies & cream on a homemade waffle cone
From Taiwan, MeetFresh is a chain making boba teas, ice grass jellies, tofu pudding and more. But the shaved ice is incredible. Never ever have I had something so creamy when I wasn't expecting it!
Thing to order: Strawberry milk shaved ice
With rolled ice cream and boba, this Centennial spot should have something for everyone in your group. I highly recommend trying one of their own creations.
Thing to order: Good Morning, Vietnam! (Vietnamese coffee ice cream with whipped cream, oreos, coconut, pocky and condensed milk)

Milkbox Creamery

Located inside Union Station, Milkbox dishes up Little Man Ice Cream in a subway tile setting.
Thing to order: Creamsicle on a waffle cone
MyKings Ice Cream
 Just north of City Park on Colorado Blvd., MyKings is a Black-owned sweet shop with fun flavors and creations. I dream about the item below quite often...
Thing to order: Banana pudding milkshake
Home of Taco Tuesday — that's right the ice cream taco — Nugg's is a classic ice cream spot on East Colfax.
Thing to order: Ice cream taco with Caroline's birthday cake
Downtown Arvada's classic sweet shop (think barrels of old timey candies) makes their own ice cream! 
Thing to order: Happy Hippie (vanilla with honey granola)
 On East Colfax, this Black-owned parlor does rich coffee and delicious ice cream. Local tip: Head out back for a patio with outdoor seating.
Thing to order: Afogato


I think Snowl was designed with social media in mind because it seems like every corner has a staple of the perfect aesthetic restaurant. 
Thing to order: Taiyaki with red bean paste and taro ice cream

Ahhh, the classic Instagram friendly ice cream spot the bestie and I love so much. Sweet Cooies kind of feels like you've stepped onto the set of Mad Men with mod furniture, turquoise walls and lots of gold accents.
Thing to order: Gooey Cooie (warm brioche bun, ice cream, royal icing)
Every location of this local chain has done me well. Truly, every flavor I've tried and every form of ice cream to come out of their kitchen has made my day. 
Thing to order: Pint of Hammonds Peppermint Bark
Sweet Sweetz is just north of downtown in a historic neighborhood. The staff is incredibly nice and their softserve pulls are generous.
Thing to order: Pineapple Dole Whip
Walia Creamery
Vegans rejoice! Walia cranks out around nine flavors of vegan ice cream each day and it has that really creamy feel that vegan ice cream should have!
Thing to order: Vegan chai on a waffle cone

Wonder Tea

Located in a grocery store, Wonder Tea's rolled ice cream is a delight. Plus, the space was made with Instagram in mind.
Thing to order: Rolled ice cream with cookie dough and pocky

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