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Tuesday, January 4, 2022

Tuesday Links

I need to start this post off by acknowledging the tragedy that occured just north of my home city last week. The Marshall Fire destroyed 600 homes, leaving 30,000+ people displaced. It is heartbreaking, and the most devestaitng wildfire in Colorado history. To learn about it, read this article but to donate to the victims (who will need help long after this post) please click here.

Y'all ready for 2022? Not sure if I am but we are back on track...kind of with articles & links from around the web that I'm obsessing over.

LOLed hard at this piece on outdoor dining during the pandemic.

Mack In Style is one of my favorite TikTokers and I loved her 2021 book re-cap!

In the market for a new planner, thoughts on these Everygirl for Target versions?

50 of the most anticipated books for 2022, plus, more for winter.

Speaking of TikTok, Anna Marie Tendler is also one of my faves.

Plaid skirts back in? Guess I need to dust mine off!

Denver foodies: 12 of the city's best Thai restaurants.

This London-inspired Victorian is incredible.

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