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Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Week Re-Cap

I started off Wednesday with a lot of assignments due but it ended with Voodoo so it wasn't so bad. Then on Thursday I went to pancake night for Texas Thon, an organization that raises money for the local children's hospital. {I am inserting shameless plug here, if you are interested in donating to an amazing cause, you can find my donation page here}! After pancake night I saw Spectre...which if you have seen it please comment below or email me with what you thought of the ending because I am seriously concerned! Friday the bestie and I went shopping at Nordstrom, the sale is AMAZING {I bought this dress for ~$30!}, and had Cheesecake Factory for dinner as part of "treat yo self." Saturday night we had our second to last home game {WE WON!}. Sunday morning my spirit group had a photoshoot for the yearbook on campus and my friend from high school {she's a senior contemplating what college to attend} visited! We went to SoCo, had P. Terry's, & visited the original Whole Foods. Monday was hectic {yay for 5 hours of sleep!}. I studied, had some meetings, and had some spontaneous dance parties. Tuesday was also hectic, that bio test today was killing me. But by the time you are reading this I will be done with that & on to my next assignment...lots of papers! What are y'all up to? -xoxo darling, Hayden

Another Wednesday night that ended in Voodoo...

Pike's Pancake Night for Texas Thon was on Thursday!

Went and saw Spectre on Thursday 
night for it's opening! 

We followed up shopping with Cheesecake...

 The weather was amazing at the game on Saturday!

We took our yearbook photos on Sunday!

My little is literally perfect.

Besties for lyfe.

Some pretty fabulous lighting encouraged selfie taking.

Can we talk about this amazing chocolate display at Whole Foods?

It was one of our Ladybird's birthday's on Monday! 


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  2. It looks like you had yourself a great week! I didn't know they had a Voodoo in Texas! I went to college in Oregon, and that's where I was introduced to them. I hope this next week is another great one for you! :)

    Jasmine / www.jasminekeclipse.com