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Thursday, November 12, 2015

In Defense of "Me" Days

Life is an insane, hectic, crazy time. And I love that life is like that. But sometimes you just need to let it go and have what I refer to as a "me" day. Now some people might not understand or like this idea but I honestly think these are necessary. Did I probably get behind in classwork because I took a "me" day? Yes. Did I waste time during my "me" day? Yes. Did I have a fabulous day that was stress free? YES! 
"Me" days are basically "treat yo self" days without spending money. You lay around, binge watch tv {Gilmore Girls anyone?}, catch up on your magazines, drink tea, bake, paint your nails; basically you do whatever you want. Because you are letting go, de-stressing, saying no to people who want to hang out because you need time alone. Everyone needs time alone. I need time alone and I am one of the most involved people. We need space and time to decompress and my "me" day was a LONG time coming. 
I am not saying you need a "me" day once a week, maybe not even once a month. But when you are starting to really feel the stress, block off a Sunday and just relax, do what you want for once-xoxo darling, Hayden.

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