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Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Week Re-Cap

   It has been an interesting week. On Wednesday I had a biology exam and...it went horribly bad. I studied for so long and so hard and then it ended badly. I was extremely upset. School has not been going as well this semester as my previous semesters at UT. I think I am in my sophomore slump and that I am taking some pretty difficult courses that I have no interest in, so my GPA is going to drop {but not a lot, I'm still in the 3.-- level}. I just kind of feel defeated by my classes and workload, which is something I don't show on HT. Because who would want to see photos of my laptop screen with 26 page study guides? Or the crying sessions because I don't think I can do it sometimes. I remember a while back Shannon of Prep Avenue did this post about how your grades don't define you and it is helpful for all of you college students out there. 
    It's going to be fine, I will just do better next semester, but I wanted to explain how school has been affecting the blog. I feel like HT & District have been in a boring state, like I am just going through the motions. So thank you for continuing your readership of HT. I will keep publishing posts six days a week and having new content but my life is about to get crazy with finals so keep that in mind if some of the posts are not the most interesting. I am currently working on finishing my gift guides for the season and doing some photoshoots for the fall/winter in Texas. Once I go on winter break, HT will be getting real interesting again and I am very excited about it. Next semester is going to be a lot of fun & I might have exciting news to share with y'all soon {as in February/March}-xoxo darling, Hayden.

Hannah was craving cream of corn so we went to Rudy's {it was my first time & I loved it}!

Before we went to the Beyonce Sing-Along we grabbed some TCBY.

The Beyonce Sing-Along was perfection.

Then Friday Hannah & I needed a break from campus so we ventured out and ended up at Counter Cafe {an Austin staple} for brunch. 

And we ended that day with dinner at Hoover's

Saturday was retreat at the always beautiful Enchanted Rock.

And Sunday we had our Big Appreciation Party 
{click back tomorrow for more photos of that}! 
Monday, Tuesday, were really boring {lots of schoolwork} but tonight I have Comm Council, tomorrow I have the Spark Magazine release, and Friday my little {pictured above} is coming over for movie night! Saturday we might go see Suffragette {because I HAVE to see that film} and Sunday will be lots of homework and cleaning. 

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