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Tuesday, November 10, 2015

101 in 1001 Update

Hello darlings! So it has been a while {here} since I last updated my 101 in 1001 with y'all so I thought it was time. I am SLOWLY getting there! Below are some updated to the list! How are you doing on yours? -xoxo darling, Hayden
No. 2: Read at least forty new books total.
Going home for summer break really helped me accomplish more of this goal. I am currently at 35/40! I plan on reading some over winter break and I am trying to finish some coffee table books I have in my apartment. Out of all of the ones I have read I would highly suggest The Handmaid's Tale {if you like feminism}, The Assassin {if you like historical fiction}, the Rock Chick series {if you like funny books with strong female leads}, & Murder with Peacocks {if you like murder mysteries}. 
No. 8: Host a brunch.

I have actually done this twice in the past year! Both times it was for my spirit group, The Ladybirds, but I hosted it! The first one we had cute decorations while the second one was just eating at the restaurant. 
No. 9: Guest blog for at least 10 people. When I did my last update I had written one guest post but I have now done my second! It was the most important things I learned my freshman year of college for Dani Dearest. It was a lot of fun to write it & I got so many comments back from it! I am currently working on another guest post so I should be up to 3 by early december!
No. 13: Do at least 5 DIY projects. 

I am almost done with this! I made a boot jack, a tassel garland, sugar scrubs, and a burlap garland. All of these were super fun to make and they weren't even that hard! I am currently looking for my final one and I want it to be BIG.
No. 19: Start a travel page on Haute Table.
This was a HUGE step for me. I love to travel but I was super nervous about writing my opinions about the travel world. I think I might want to work for a travel magazine when I graduate so I finally took the plunge and created the new travel section of HT. Right now it is just simple stuff like my top 10 places to visit in Paris and some re-caps of trips. But I am working on HT's Definitive Guide to Boston {and boy is that tough} so keep your eye out for the evolving HT Travel Section!

No. 20: Visit all four museums at UT.  I had already visited the LBJ Presidential Library last year {and have since been a LOT}. But I finally visited the other three: Harry Ransom Center, The Blanton Museum of Art & the Texas Museum of Natural History. Each one is so unique & so interesting! I have been back to the Blanton many times because it is my favorite & I recently visited HRC again -- they are doing a Shakespeare exhibit next semester so you'll be able to catch me there at least once.                              No. 21: Study in all fifteen UT libraries. Slowly but surely I am making my way through this. I studied in the Life Sciences Library in the tower last time I updated y'all but since then I have been reading in the Architecture Planning Library and doing group projects in the PCL {our massive, not to mention ugly, library}. 
No. 29: Go to at least five live music shows. 

I have done 2/5, which I think is pretty good for me! I saw Sam Riggs perform on my birthday last semester and I went to a Ra Ra Riot/Small Pools concert in the spring. I think I am going to try to catch some people at the Cactus Cafe on campus and the bestie is always a source of information for concerts so we shall see!                                                                             No. 27: Start a book club.So this is not exactly true. Instead of starting one I decided to join a brand new book club last semester. We read The Girl on the Train {which I LOVED}, but I kind of hated being part of a book club. I did not like reading and waiting until the next week to discuss it. In the end I went ahead and read the whole book. I also was not a fan of discussing the whole thing. I like talking about a book maybe once but talking about "how I felt" and stuff like that was not me at all. So I am no longer participating but I happy I tried.                                                   No. 30: Go to a basketball game at UT. Achieved this very early last semester! I had a pretty good time, I am still not a huge fan of basketball but it is fun to go. I plan on attending a few more this year and who knows, maybe I will fall in love with it. 
No. 34: Attend a Bollywood dance class.
YAAAAS! I was so happy about this one! Earlier this semester a dance center in downtown Austin was having its grand opening so they were offering free dance classes for an entire day. We ended up doing two but my favorite was definitely the Bollywood class! It was so energetic and it took me until the end of class to finally have the whole combination memorized. 
No. 45: See ten "classic" films.
I really need to work on this, but to be perfectly honest I am not sure what a "classic" movie is! I saw Lawrence of Arabia, which I totally understand why it is amazing and I really did enjoy it. But I am unsure what to watch next...also I only get 20 channels at my apartment and watch the rest on Netflix. So if you know of a "classic" film on Netflix Watch Instantly comment below with your suggestion! 
No. 47: See five Audrey Hepburn films.
Now I have seen 3/5, Funny Face & How To Steal A Million were added. But now I am out of AH movies to watch on Netflix! I need them to add more or I need to watch them when I go home for winter break {which is what I will probably end up doing}. Funny Face is one of my old favorites and How To Steal A Million was adorable. Interestingly, my dad and I watched it over the summer for my second time because he had never seen it. I think he liked it! 
No. 52: Try at least three food trucks. 

This was not as easy as I thought...and they ended up all being desserts...we can clearly see my Gordough's quite a few times, tried Cow Tipping Creamery {it was delicious} and Casey's New Orleans Snowballs {which was surprisingly delicious}. I have never really enjoyed snowballs/sno-cones but this was pretty fabulous. 
No. 54: Buy the Haute Table domain name.
THIS WAS SUCH A BIG STEP!!! I am so proud that HT now resides at www.hautetableblog.com instead of the "blogspot" one! I purchased the domain for two years and I am sure I will renew it after that because I cannot see myself stopping talking to no one on the Internet {hahaha, but really are you out there world?}.
No. 55: Get Haute Table 100 likes on Facebook.Still not sure how/why 100 people like HT on Facebook but I am so happy that y'all do! If you still haven't liked HT, but you are reading this...I am confused...go like the page please!

No. 57: Do a balloon photoshoot for Haute Table. 
For HT's third birthday I bought one of those cheesy gold number balloons {hello Pinterest} and made my dad walk all around our downtown in the 95 degree heat taking photos of me. But I am so happy with how they turned out and it was such a fun shoot to do! I am hoping to do more shoots like this but with normal balloons because what girl doesn't like balloons???
No. 60 & No. 61 : Start Cupcakes For Charity at UT & Make a website for Cupcakes For Charity. 
So I did not start CFC at UT, however I am trying to incorporate it into my spirit group! We can add it to our website once I have transitioned it but I didn't think starting two separate clubs was a good idea for my mental state. But an update: CFC is still going strong at my high school & I am so proud of that!

No. 66: Have sparklers at the Fourth of July
YES. Just yes. I finally convinced my family to do sparklers this Fourth and I loved it so much we had them at my spirit group's initiation ceremony! They are so much fun and it felt iconically Fourth of July because my dad took me down memory lane with him and we bought various fireworks as well.
No. 71: Interview someone.
Looking back this was kind of a stupid item to put on this list. Not because I think interviewing someone is stupid but because I do it so frequently in my college...because I am a journalism major. I also have interviewed countless cover girl's for District Magazine. Each time I do an interview I think I grow as a person and learn even more about the community {and world} around me.

No. 79: Keep fresh flowers in my dorm for a month. I will admit this was a challenge, but I accomplished it thanks to the $4 hydrangeas at HEB! It was nice to have them in my dorm room because they really brightened the space and made lonely days/homesick days a little happier. No. 82: Give up soda once and for all. So I have pretty much done this. I occasionally have one if I go somewhere that has Mexican sodas because I LOVE that stuff! But I no longer drink Coke, Diet Coke, Pepsi, any of that nonsense! I am happy with the decision, I am sticking to water, lemonade, coffee & tea, but I'm trying to limit my lemonade in-take now. 

Upcoming Goals:
No. 14: Mail care packages to BFFs from high school.
I have been avoiding this one but I think I am going to send one to my bestie in Gainesville this month. I found really cheap boxes at Dollar Tree so I think I am going to finally start working on this goal. I am shooting for sending 3-5 care packages to people. 
No. 39: Make ten recipes off of Pinterest.
I am going to get started on this goal this month. I'm not sure which one I will start with, you vote in the comments for either this one, this one or this one. I have a feeling Hannah will help me accomplish this.
No. 48 Attend a ballet.
I think I am going to attend The Nutcracker put on by Ballet Austin in December. They are putting on a matinee of it in the afternoon and then I have a formal that night for Comm Council. I have seen ballets in the past but this one should be really good! And I have never seen The Nutcracker all the way through! 
No. 70: Study abroad.
I am currently working on my study abroad plans but I will most likely be abroad THIS SUMMER! Yay! I am so excited! Y'all will be so sick of this subject soon because once I finalize where I am going I'll start the planning and then I will be there for like 2 and a half months...so expect lots of photos! 

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