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Friday, November 6, 2015

Articles I Am Reading

  1. I know Halloween has long past but this costume was just too cute not to share // DIY Pantone Color Combo Couples Costume // Sugar & Cloth
  2. Ugh I want it all // It's Nantucket by Way of Paris -- Zac Posen's New Vision at Brooks Brothers // Vogue 
  3. This book looks really good // The Clasp // Sloane Crosley
  4. I understand some of these but I was born in 1996 // 18 After-School Rituals That Kids Born After 1995 Will Never Understand // Thought Catalog
  5. Why can we not do this anymore? We would look so cute // This Is How American College Students Used to Dress // Town & Country
  6. This is amazing & as someone who loves Instagram & does stuff like this, I know it is accurate // Incredible Photo Series Reveals The Truth Behind "Perfect" Instagrams // Elite Daily 

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