Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Halloween 2015

Halloween consisted of two nights for me. The first involved a party with my spirit group in which I went as the quintessential French girl, stripped t-shirt, scarf, beret, baguette and everything. Then on Halloween I went out with some of my friends as a pineapple {because I already had the costume & it is a huge hit!}. How was your Halloween & what did you go as? -xoxo darling, Hayden
French girl meets Hogwarts teacher
A pumpkin & a flapper.
Rosie the Riveter
Audrey from Breakfast 
Cat & Mouse
Pineapple & Minnie Mouse
Fairy Godmother, Minnie, & a Devil
Getting down to Hotline Bling.
A witch joined the squad.
I was dancing to the Cupid Shuffle {hello middle school}!
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