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Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Week Re-Cap

It seems like every week I say to myself "don't worry this one won't be as crazy" and every week it turns out to be a lie. It is not that I don't like being busy, because I love it, but sometimes we all need a breather...oh well! Last week was awesome! I did a lot of volunteering, found out I will be an Athletic Recruitment Volunteer for UT *squeals,* had an amazing snow cone, supported some clubs I am in, watched baseball, ate a lot of food in general, and so much more! This week thus far I have been to meeting after lecture after class, and that will not stop! Tomorrow is the release party for Spark Magazine, a publication I have been working with this semester and I am so excited to see the issue! Friday I am off camping with Comm Council, Saturday I have UT's spring game, Sunday brings the Target x Lilly opening & brunch with my Ladybird sisters. If that isn't a crazy week, you should see next week! Anyway, what are y'all up to? -xoxo darling, Hayden
My spirit group participated in 10,000 Roses. We passed out white roses to represent the people that died in one day at Auschwitz during the Holocaust. 
Finishing up the last of my Easter candy with this pretty bunny from William-Sonoma.
My amazing fam kidnapped me so I could have my first "amazing" snow cone experience.
I will admit it was delicious! I had mango and vanilla...
at Casey's New Orleans SnowBalls.
Aren't they cute?
That same night the fashion magazine I work for had something at Langford Market.
Some of The Ladybirds came out to support as well.
We even participated in dressing a mannequin. 
 Brunching at Frank
A fellow Longhorn, Jordan Spiel, won the Masters on Sunday so we lit the tower orange!
 Catching some UT baseball...
 ...with the fam.
 Took my dad boots shopping for his birthday.
 I seriously love this place.
 I took the pledge to stop sexual assault on my campus.
As did fellow Ladybirds.
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