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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

101 in 1001 Update

Hi everyone! So I have been slowly, but surely, working on accomplishing various goals from my 101 in 1001 list. I felt like it was necessary to update you guys on how the process is going and see if you guys have made your own 101 in 1001 list? It has seriously been awesome getting to cross new items off of the list and I feel a sense of accomplishment. Check them out below-xoxo darling, Hayden.
No. 2: Read at least forty new books total.
This is a little slow going. I was hoping I would have about half of this done, but reading for fun in college is DIFFICULT. My dad sends me the book reviews out of the USA Today and I want to read so many, but I never have the time to just sit down and read a book. I am looking forward to wearing out my library card during winter break. I have read 7/40. I would highly suggest The Black Sun if you like mysteries, How To Teach Filthy Rich Girls if you like Lilly Pulitzer, and The Beekeepers Apprentice if you like Sherlock Holmes.
No. 4: Find an exercise buddy at UT.
Barbara, Devi, and Cambria have each helped me reach this goal. I now go to the gym a little sporadically but much more than I did when I lived in FL {as in lots more because I never went at home}.

No. 9: Guest blog for at least 10 people. 
I have discovered I really enjoy guest blogging. I feel like I put on a different hat than when I write for HT. I have done one guest blog here thus far.
No. 11: Launch a YouTube channel for Haute Table.
Did this the other day! I already have three videos up and I am looking for suggestions on more! Let me know, because I will do something really lame if no one gives me a good idea.

No. 16: Try 10 new restaurants in Austin.
I thought this would take a lot longer than it did...I did this in around 2 and a 1/2 months which might be bad for my wallet. But I love all of these restaurants and I want to keep trying new ones! 
The Shady Grove, Gourdough's Specialty Doughnuts, Magnolia Cafe, Kerbey Lane Cafe, Amy's Ice Cream, Torchy's Tacos, Teji's, Austin's Pizza, Home Slice, Iron Cactus

No. 20: Visit all four museums at UT.
Devi & I went to the Blanton a little while ago and we loved it! I am working on determining when I can get to the other three before we break for winter.

No. 21: Study in all fifteen libraries at UT.
One fifteenth of this goal has been completed, and I realize I am becoming complacent in that I always go to the Life Science library in the Tower, but I love it so much. However, I will be trying new ones soon...I promise.

No. 25: Travel to a new state.
Back in July I was able to travel to Wyoming. It was awesome! It was so pretty and everyone was extremely nice. The University of Wyoming was gorgeous and the capital town of Cheyenne is adorable. If you have never considered going to Wyoming, think again and consider it. I think you would love it.

No. 32: Clean out wardrobe at least twice.
Right before college I did half of this, and let me tell you, it was liberating. I realized how many wardrobe pieces I had kept simply because I did not think it was appropriate to get rid of them. Now that I have less clothes I have learned how to change up my outfits with clothes I have owned for a while. I could wear the same shirt for seven days now, but each outfit would be different from the last. 

No. 40: Rush a sorority. 
Oh my, well I did this. And as y'all have probably guessed it did not go well. I went through the first two days in which we visited each house for around 20 minutes, I met tons of girls, my ears were ringing for about a week after, and I made a few friends. Then the next morning when I got my slip, I had only been asked back to two houses {out of 14}, one I really liked and one I did not like. So I got dressed up and went to their philanthropy days, and I had a nice time. When I went to get my slip the next day, the one I liked dropped me, the one I didn't like kept me, and that was when I decided to drop out of rush. I feel like I should be able to say "it was such a great experience" but I do not want to lie to y'all and say I was perfectly content with dropping out. I have never quit anything in my life and being rejected by that many people hurt, it still hurts when I see all of them on campus wearing their house gear. But I think I am better off not being in a sorority and after rushing I was informed that it is very difficult for out-of-state people to make it in here at UT, so if you are not from Texas, coming to UT, and wanting to rush, you should still do it, but be prepared to be slightly discriminated against. I would suggest rushing to anyone who has ever considered being in a sorority because it is an experience like no other and who knows you might find your soul sisters, or you might realize your soul sisters do not wear matching outfits and live in a big house. Whichever way you go will be best for you.
No. 43: Get a massage.
Let me tell you, I want to accomplish this goal over and over again. I had my first ever massage a few months back at the Broadmoor Spa and I feel like I can never go back to my pre-massage mind set. It was AMAZING. I felt so relaxed and content with life, honestly I wanted to fall asleep on the table, but I held it together. So if any of y'all know any good places to get a massage in Austin, let me know.

No. 47: See five Audrey Hepburn films.
I have seen one out of five AH movies. I was really excited when I realized Charade was on Netflix, and it is now one of my favorite movies. I had never seen AH in a mystery film and she was amazing!
No. 52: Try at least three new food trucks.
1/3 of this was accomplished when I ate at Gourdough's Donuts.

No. 59: Send a birthday card to at least five people.
I have finished 1/5 of this goal. I sent a fun birthday card {that I made on the computer} to the lovely Katie Meckley for her birthday in October.
No. 63: Play tennis at least three times.
I have completed 1/3 of this goal while at Camp Texas. I played with my great friend Jessica and I must say I was not as bad as I thought I would be.
No. 72: Join 3+ clubs at UT.
I have joined Longhorn Life {you can see my first article here}, in which I write various lifestyles stories; anything from travel to fashion. I also am a photographer for the Cactus Yearbook and a member of the University Fashion Group. I love each of these clubs and I have so much fun participating. I recently started my own spirit group as well and we are thrilled to be getting started.
No. 77: Get lost in a new city.
So I went to HEB the other day, which is a totally normal occurrence. But then something bad happened. I was very distracted by my journalism book {I had a test two days from then} and I got on the wrong bus. While on that bus there was almost a riot between some of the patrons and the bus driver. I got off as soon as I realized I was not headed back to campus but then immediately got on another bus, forgetting that I needed to go southbound not northbound. So I got off that bus and crossed the street. Because of my detour I saw a part of Austin I had never seen before and discovered a cute breakfast place I want to try soon {plus now I know how to get there via bus}.


  1. Hi there! Great progress thus far! I just started this journey myself! If you'd like to guest post on my blog, you'd be more than welcome - November's going to be crazy for me!


  2. Such a cool idea. I'm dying to make my own list now! No 16 reminds me of my visit to Austin in May, such good food! And the best margaritas I've ever had.