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Monday, March 25, 2013

Quotes of the Week

Hey y'all! I am finally going to start updating the blog again, thanks to spring break! Tomorrow I will be posting a "life re-cap" because it has been so long and I have so much to share. I also have a yummy cupcake recipe for Wednesday. And of course a post all about my journey as a dancer for the Philharmonic, with maybe a book review thrown in the mix. As of now I am in Tally yet again, we are putting down eco-tile in our kitchen. On Wednesday I leave for Baton Rouge to do a college tour of LSU which I could not be more excited for. The quotes for this week have something to do with the south in some small or large way. Hope you are having a fantastic Monday!

P.S. doesn't it seem that Winston Churchill has a quote for everything? 

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