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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Gotta Dance Tour--Naples Philharmonic 2013

I deem my life special, I love everything I do (or at least I try to), and to most people things are pretty ordinary. But then I am lucky enough to have something extraordinary in my life, and that was what dancing at the Naples Philharmonic with Jack Everly conducting was. I rehearsed and memorized many versions of the dance and worked my butt off for about a year, for the six performances. Our piece was the finale of the show, and I was only on stage for 40-something bars, but needless to say it was magical. There are so many amazing people who were along for this journey. These people include my wonderful parents, my dance teacher Jaime Knaub & her mother Kimberly Knaub (Kellyn Celtic Arts Irish Dance Academy), Jack Everly  (conductor), Tim O'Hare (the famous Irish dance teacher), Bridget, Ted, and Michael (the world champion Irish dancers), and of course my fellow dancers, Othello, Bethany, Kenya, Marissa, Sarah, Paige, Shelby, Colton & Sophie. All of them truly inspire me and I cannot wait to continue performing with them. Along the way we also met the Lombard twins who were featured in the movie Step Up 3D and a wonderful Broadway couple. The whole experience was truly magical--check out the pictures below!

One of the make-up pallets used

My hair in the standard up-do

Lipgloss is a must.

Sharing their love of the dance

Get jumpy with it.

Good luck smiles on the bottom of Shell's hard shoes.

Wigs on Wigs

Good luck flag stuck in the lights

Marissa + Lipgloss

Official dressing room

Othello + Sophie

This shot is so awesome.

Dressing room lights

Wig problems

Team work

Braiding process

With Tim O'Hare and his dancers!

With the Lombard twins-Facundo + Martin
YES they are from Step Up 3D

Again with the Lombards

Group shot 

With Bridget Linton

With Ted

Opening Night

Closing Night

Rehearsal with the fam

Dressing room shot on Closing Night

Close Up

With World Champ Michael Putman

We're adorable. 

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