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Thursday, March 14, 2013

Black on Black

There is something about black jeans and a black tee with a jean jacket thrown over that makes me feel great. The black is slimming and the jean jacket adds the right separation. I have used this outfit with so many different scarves I have lost count. This one in particular is light and is simple enough to not over-complicate the outfit. 
     On another note, we took this photo on a side street downtown up against the yellow brick that I love. But my goodness the funny looks you get from people passing by in their car's are crazy! 

{What you need: Mosimo Black Tee (Target), BDG 
Black Cigarette Jeans (UO), Target Jean Jacket, Steve 
Madden Flats (Goodwill), H&M Scarf, DSW Bag}

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