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Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Newbie Winter Skin Guide

As a person who has truly never cared about her skin. I'm not kidding...this blogger doesn't really care. However, as we all know, I now live in Denver where it's cold and dry. I mean really dry. So I've had to start caring about my skin because it starts to get real red and it will hurt if I don't pay attention. It's so annoying !! But you know what? I guess this is my skin's way of telling me to grow up and start caring about it. I'm angry but only slightly hahaha. So welcome to a newbies guide to winter skin - xoxo darling, Hayden.


Lip Scrub 

I was reading a beauty article about lip repair because mine were getting real bad about a month into moving out here and they suggested doing a lip scrub once or twice a week. So I looked into Ulta and found this Fizz & Bubble Watermelon Scrub. The brand makes tons of flavors but I was really in the mood for watermelon - maybe I was dreaming of summer. Having never used a sugar scrub before, I didn't realize that after you apply it you can just lick it off, which is awesome. I really like it. I do it about once a week...or when I remember to and then immediately apply Chapstick or my night lip repair. It truly does take the dead skin off and leaves your lips really soft.


Wow, what a revelation, Chapstick really works! If I'm being honest, I am using a limited edition Blue Raspberry Slurpee flavor Chapstick that I got for free at a Texas football game. My family grabbed me three of them so I have one at my desk, one in my apartment and one in my rotating purse. They will run out soon so I am thinking I want this peppermint one I found at Walgreens. I'm here for it. As for application, I apply it whenever I feel like it or when my lips seem particularly dry.

Lip Repair

I'm an avid Cupcakes & Cashmere reader and the other day she posted on her Instastory about Lano Lips, a product she adores. I was in need of some intense lip repair so I decided to find it and buy some. You can get it at Ulta for about $17 a bottle, or you can buy a two pack from Nordstrom for $27, which is a better deal! I put it on right before I go to bed, it sits on my nightstand, and y'all. I LOVE IT. Seriously, I've told all of my friends about it, encouraging them to try it because I'm obsessed. Admittedly, it's hard to get it out of the bottle but then you warm it up between your fingers, rub it on, fall asleep and wake up with soft as a fleece blanket (did that make sense?) lips.



About three times a week, I apply this face scrub from Acure while in the shower. It is absolutely disgusting looking but it works! I wet my face, rub it on and then just step under the warm shower. As soon as I'm out I apply the night cream below...

Night Cream

We've discussed my face on here before and how I'm really trying to make an effort with my moisturizer. I've been using this Olay every night after I get out of the shower and it really works! I'm running out and don't want to buy more, despite the fact that I need to, but you should apply it fairly thick if you want to see results.


During the day, if I can remember, I put on moisturizer in the morning. Right now I'm using this one from Clinique. It just gives a little layer between your skin and the cold, dry wind. I apply it right after I brush my teeth, before I put my mascara on. You can be a little less heavy handed with this than the night cream, but still make sure to put a thick bit on.

General Skin


My least favorite part of this whole routine is putting lotion on. I hate feeling sticky and most lotion makes me feel...ew. And this one from Aveeno does too, I just like it because it's unscented and I feel it working. But basically, after I get out of the shower, do my hair and put on my moisturizer, I apply my lotion. I start with my legs (which are always super dry) then do my arms and my lower back...that sounds weird but I do! Then I put it super thick on my hands because they get so dry. I'm actually contemplating going to the Dollar Tree near me to buy some cheap cloth gloves so I can put the lotion on my hands then put the gloves on and sleep that way to get them super soft. I will say, this stuff works and my body feels way softer than usual, so yeah...go forth and feel sticky.

Body Scrub

If y'all have any recommendations for body scrubs, please let me know in the comments below. I haven't found one I like but I want to add it to the routine!


  1. “Go forth and feel sticky” iconic

  2. Also make your own body scrub with brown sugar and olive oil it works wonders!!!!

  3. I use a mix of honey and brown sugar for a body scrub. Cheap and easy to make. If I'm feeling a bit extra I can add some kind of body oil to it. I usually like to use the aveeno in shower body oils, but even coconut oil works fine.

    XO Steph