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Thursday, November 15, 2018

Best Advent Calendars

The holidays are right around the corner, trust me, I've been prepping. Now ever since I became a Zoella vlog lover I've re-discovered advent calendars. The last time I had one was probably in high school? My mom used to bring German versions home. But now that I'm an adult, I want a better advent calendar than just regular chocolate. Below are my picks for the best of the season. Splurge for yourself, buy one for your parents or maybe get your best friend a super early Christmas present. No matter who you give one to, they'll love it. Do you have a favorite? - xoxo darling, Hayden

For the Skin Care Obsessed

We all know someone who is obsessed with their skin care routine. They know every trend in skin care lines, they wear sheet masks and they do it well, they can give you recommendations based on your Zodiac...basically we all have that one friend. Why not surprise that person with a L'Occitane advent calendar? This is one of the most luxurious, cutest things I've ever seen. I love the illustrations and colors not to mention the amount of amazing products located within. Your skin care loving friend might die when they open this bad boy up. It would be an amazing early Christmas present, I promise. 

For the Creative Parent

This isn't so much a gift as it is an option for those of you that are #extra. Because y'all exist and want to be recognized for your contributions and here we go, we're recognizing your need to be over the top! This Anthropologie calendar is adorable. I love it. However, you have to create all of the presents in it - you could go the easy route and just buy a 25 pack of candy or you can be more interesting with your stuff. Overall, I love this idea and if I had kids I think I would...if my November was particularly slow, otherwise they might get a 99 cent one from Trader Joe's, who knows! No, I'm totally kidding, this is a really cute idea and I think a ton of families would make this a big Christmas tradition. Also, you don't have to do this for kids, you could buy this and make stuff for your friends or roommates and each day y'all open it together; I'm not here to limit you! 

For the Old British Woman in All of Us

Does someone in your life love to sit around, reading, maybe in a nook, while it rains, while wearing soft socks, a cashmere throw blanket and all while it rains lightly outside? Well, then that person needs the Fortnum & Mason tea advent calendar. Because nothing would make the scene above better than a very aesthetically pleasing pale pink mug with a tea bag hanging off the side. Also, this calendar is just adorable. I love F&M and this would just be a great, kind of luxury gift for a friend or parent in your life. Also, it's made out of wood so you can actually keep the thing and buy your own tea next year so that you get all the flavors you like. Although the Double Dragon Pearl does sound interesting...

For the Future Ina

Okay, I wish this one was tiny cooking implements...but alas it's just really nice chocolate. However, I feel if you get it wrapped in Williams Sonoma paper your friend that wishes to be Ina Garten will love it. I mean, I would. WS is one of my all-time favorite stores so if I were to receive a advent calendar from them I would die. 

For the Nostalgic

Who wants to go back to elementary school? I DO. No, seriously, I miss doing crafting stations and having centers and P.E. and all of the fun things I got to participate in when the only worry I had was my Friday spelling test. Y'all, adulating is hard and this Lip Smacker advent calendar will take you back to those good old days. I remember the first Lip Smacker I ever tried was Dr. Pepper flavored in 5th grade. My friends gave me a make-over and a little kit to keep up with the make-over (you might not believe this, but in elementary school I always wore my hair in a pony tail and dressed horribly) and there was my very own Lip Smacker. Get this for anyone in your life that loves feeling that nostalgia. 

For the Cheese Lover

Okay, Serena and I had grand plans to get the Aldi cheese advent calendar. But you know what, it's a really big deal and we didn't know that. They had sold out by the time she got to the Aldi in Fort Worth...so the back up: Ilchester Advent Calendar. You can purchase this bad boy at Target, it's British (so not German, but close!) for $24.99! It's a steal for all that cheese. Get this for your friend that is obsessed with fromage or the person that loves wine in your life and likes to be bougie. Or send it to me, my address is -----, just kidding! 

For the Parisian 

Angelina is one of my favorite Paris spots, because you feel like Coco Chanel sipping your incredibly thick hot chocolate and eating a chocolate torte. So if you have a Francophile bestie or family member, this would be the perfect present. Or maybe your friend has no idea what this place is, the chocolate looks amazing. Seriously, that stuff looks delicious and the packaging is adorable. Also, it comes with crispy crepes...my mouth is watering.

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