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Friday, November 23, 2018

Holiday Gifts Under $80

The next gift guide is here! All of these presents are under $80 and I think each and every one is amazing. I would love all of them to be under my tree on the 25th (well maybe not the earrings...I don't have my ears pierced).

{Llama Pillow, Tins, Brooks Brothers Book, Ember Mug, Beanie, Earrings, Sweater Cape, Vase, Scarf, Slippers, iPhone Case, Hat, May I Come In?, Plaid Blanket, Floral Pillow, Coasters, Candles, Leather Clutch, Tortoise Sunglasses, Black Sunglasses, Black & White Scarf, Colorful Scarf, Campbell's Candle, Chanel Book, Camera, Sweater Pillow, Gold Notebook, Yves Saint Laurent Book, Pom Pom Pillow, Flamingo Float, Unicorn Float}
Books - When I was in elementary school we had to read a book every day so we could take an Accelerated Reading test (who else did AR?!) on it, so we could go to recess. I hated this so I told my parents I hated reading...and boy has that sentiment changed. Now I realize a book is one of the greatest gifts you can give someone. All of the books in the photo above look like they'd be fun to read. You can learn about the history of Brooks Brothers, find out how people decorate their homes, see Chanel illustrations, look at the 70s fashion of Saint Laurent or write your own book with that adorable gold notebook
Home - A good go to for someone you don't know super well or for your relative that's hosting Christmas or for your friend who is always hostessing are homewares. I love this llama Pillow for your traveling friend, the floral pillow for your preppy friend, the sweater pillow for your Christmas obsessed friend and the pom pom pillow for anyone. These tins just seem really cute and I think they would make great "wrapping" for little gifts for your friends. The ember mug is perfect for the Lorelai Gilmore in your life. If you know someone who is always cold, get them this adorable plaid blanket. Don't know the person very well? This vase, these coasters or any candle (I like the macrons and the Campbell's soup) should work. 
Accessories -  When buying presents for my friends, I tend to stick to accessories. That way I don't have to do that awkward "what size are you" text. I love both the black and tortoise sunglasses for can't be bothered friend. And this clutch is so cute! The colorful scarf looks incredibly cozy, while the black and white & grey ones look incredibly soft. That beanie is ideal for a fan of any football team with red in its colors or just if you want to look cute in holiday photos. I'm not a slipper person, but how over the top and amazing are these? Also, I've been wanting a sweater cape thing because some of my friends pull them off so well. If your friend can pull off hats, get her this one because it's adorable. My mom always needs a new iPhone case and I really like the Kate Spade brand, they usually look good the whole time. The earrings are just for anyone, they just look cute! 
Fun - Everyone needs a lil fun under their tree! I've given pool floats as presents before and this  flamingo and unicorn are truly perfection. It'll inspire your friends to go on a warm vacation in the spring! Now if your friend loves to take photos, I think this little camera would be a great present.

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