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Friday, November 30, 2018

Holiday Gifts Under $60

Wardrobe - Accessories are my favorite things to buy for friends because choosing clothing in the proper size is so difficult. However, this sweater is worth the trouble of finding their size. It is so soft and comes in so many colors. The plaid scarf is ideal for that preppy, VV loving person in your life. They'll be able to rock it through the winter. A go-to gift for my mom is always an iPhone case because they're a great accessory and you can always use a new one. This necklace is super cute (with lots of color options) and great for your best friend. Converse are something that everyone could use but your friends might not splurge on them, so help them out! My best friend would love this colorful scarf because it looks incredibly cozy. Also, this pom pom beret is on my list because I could wear it to Texas stuff and it has a huge freaking pom! Loving these hair ties for anyone in your life because they are cute and no one buys themselves cute hair ties. Tortoise bangles are such a necessity for 2019, I'm calling it now. And these earrings are perfect for that NYEe party you've been invited to. Lastly, a wallet is a classy, elegant gift to get anyone in your life. 
Books - We know I love a coffee table book and all of my friends do too, so get your besties the aesthetically pleasing books they crave. Currently loving Gray's art so Beaches is a must. I've never been super into horses but I love the clothes, so I need this one. And Fashion in Film seems like an interesting read!  
Homewares - The amber spruce candle is both aesthetically pleasing and it smells amazing. This would be a great one for a coworker who you like but don't know that well. The cactus mug also falls under the coworker, because who wouldn't appreciate that cuteness? I'm loving this orange throw for myself but it's also great for that friend that is always cold! The plaid pillow would be a fun hostess present for whomever loves the holiday season in your life. 
Fun - Do you have a friend that treats their dog like a child? The signs are there, they love their pet more than they love anything else. Well this dog sweater is so stinking cute. We all know I'm obsessed with pom poms so put them on a dog and I'm even more here for it. I will never be a beauty guru but I know some people that were meant to live that life. This clinique lip set will enthrall them for months and months to come. When I was younger I had a portable speaker and I loved it; I think this would be a great gift for anyone in college or who just loves to share their music. Lastly, the cactus float is something we can all appreciate and want for ourselves. Why not surprise your bestie with this cute pool accessory for their next trip to the tropics? 

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