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Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Holiday Sweaters

So Christmas is coming and I'm really trying to embrace the holidays this year instead of being against them...it's a big step. But I'm going to do vlogmas and having fun is more fun than not enjoying something so we shall see. But I thought why not do a 25 days of holiday sweaters? Most of these are just cute winter sweaters, some are cheesy but I think each would be cute. Now that I live in a cold place I plan on rocking some Christmas jumpers this month more often than not! Let me know your favorite - xoxo darling, Hayden.

Okay, that first sweater is a sweater of my dreams. I want it so bad, it's holiday and it has pom poms! It's a fantastic way to start your holiday spirit. December 2nd you should still stay in that OTT mood with candy canes but a little less aggressive, if you know what I mean. The plaid is just a true classic, a great way to be holiday without screaming it. Maybe you have a work meeting on Monday that you want to be festive for but need to calm down a bit. December 4th's sweater is just cute. I would wear it any time of the year, it's just sweet. End the first five days of December with a very interesting turtleneck that includes a candy wreath, Wednesday is going to be a lot. 
Thursday morning will be cold {well maybe not if you live in the south, but whatever, go with the idea}, so show that on your body with this little snowflake number. You are a candy cane cutie, so tell the world on Friday. Saturday, maybe you have a dinner with your in-laws, or a meeting about your side hustle; this grey mistletoe is the perfect match! Sunday is a day to lie around your house, reading, with no make up and your glasses, wear that concept on your torso too! Make Monday merry (I realize that's a challenge, but try) with sweater no. 10.
I'm truly obsessed with day number 11. The sparkles, the subtle...or not so subtle holiday spirit, all of it! A good fair isle will take you a long way on the 12th. LOOK AT THOSE DOGS IN SWEATERS! I think the best thing about #13 is that you can wear this bad boy through winter. Moving onto 14, the let is snow sweater is another one of my absolute favorites because it's cute and has pom poms. We know I love pom poms! 15 also falls into the, can wear it after the holidays category, plus, it's just a nice sweater. 
16. Reindeer, 17. Red & Gold Stripes, 18. Reindeer, 19. Gap, 20. Red Fair Isle
At this point, maybe you're a little sick of wearing holiday sweaters. So there are a lot of just winter sweaters this week, in fact 16, 19 and 20 could be worn at any winter date. The red and gold stripes just looks fun and festive, I like the cut. And the reindeer is such a cute but not tacky way of celebrating your holiday spirit. 
Ooooo, another sweater we can wear after the holiday season? Why yes, this little hat The 22nd brings a day where you're tired of the holidays...it happens. But you want to continue this festive thing you've been doing, so you throw on this fair isle. The last three days of this sweater challenge...is it a challenge...no...are very festive. The joyeux noel is a great sweater, the Rudolph is over the top and the last day's Christmas tree is just too cute. 

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