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Friday, November 16, 2018

Holiday Gifts Under $100

Welcome to the season! That's right it's finally time for the gift guides and holiday postings. Are y'all ready? Because, believe it or not, I think I am. This year I'm feeling really pumped for the holiday season...I'm not sure why...maybe it's because I don't have tests/final projects looming over me but I'm hyped to spend the end of the year with my friends and family doing fun things. Below is my under $100 gift guide for anybody in your life. Let me know your favorites - xoxo darling, Hayden.

{Candle, Sparkle Keds, Le Creuset, Skirt, Purse, Backpack, Earrings, Blanket, Heels, Sunglasses, Coffee Maker, Hat, Kate Spade Bag, Cake Stand, Geometric Bag, Sweater, Lilly Dress, Slip Pillowcase, New Balance, Gloves, Perfume}
Candle - As someone who is new to the candle world, I am always shocked when they are so expensive. But I think that's what makes them great presents. You are truly buying something for someone that they wouldn't buy for themselves. Especially one of these huge candles that will last them forever, all you need to know are their favorite scents.
Sparkle Keds - How fun are these?! I legitimately chose them because I think they're fun. Plus, they would make a great holiday gift so the receiver can wear them on New Years Eve. Nothing better than a sparkly moment for that holiday. 
Le Creuset - If someone gave me Le Creuset for a holiday I would know they love me. First, they're expensive, second, they're heavy. You have to be committed to someone to buy them one of these French baking dishes. But gosh, aren't they wonderful?
Skirt - There isn't anything particularly special about this item. I just like it and think it would look good on any of the ladies in your life. 
Purse - How cute is this?! The circle shape is so much more unique than the usual square so if you get this for your bestie she'll be the talk of the town. Plus, it comes in a bunch of colors so you can really pick something perfect for her. 
Backpack - This backpack is so cute! The structure is amazing and so professional. Great for a friend that works in the business world that wants to be chic. It comes in a tan color but I like the blue better. It fits a 15" laptop, so it really is great. 
Earrings - These little disco balls would make a bunch of people in your life happy. It's like they're wearing parties on their ears! Another great piece for someone's NYE outfit. 
Blanket - Now that I live in a cold place I really appreciate a good blanket. This one is adorable and I would love to have it on my couch...I'm sure the people in your life will love it too. It comes in three different colors, all of which seem cozy and all of which will keep you warm as we head into January. 
Heels - Know a Longhorn? These shoes would be perfect for them! They are the absolute right shade of burnt orange and they will go with anything - jeans and a white Oxford shirt, white/orange dress, skirts, etc. You can dress them up or dress them down!
Sunglasses - A pair of expensive sunglasses is a thing I wouldn't spend money on but it would be a sweet gift for someone in your life. These are cute and matte so they're a little different but they maintain that classic shape. 
Coffee Maker - Oooo, get this for someone in your life and they might propose. This thing looks glorious. As a person who uses her roommate's two cup Mr. Coffee, dang this looks beautiful. Get this for your friends who adore coffee and they'll never not be your friend. 
Hat - I will fully admit, I would never purchase a beanie that was between $80-$100 but it was cute so I thought I would include it. And maybe you have that much money to drop on a friend's hat. Also, maybe this will inspire you to get your friend a cute bauble hat without spending this much money...
Kate Spade Bag - If you know someone that goes to events in stadiums frequently (concerts, football games, etc.) this is the perfect gift! It fits in the palm of your hand but has a strap so you can put it on. It's just for your phone and credit cards/cash so no space for things you don't really need and will get you in anywhere. Plus, great for nights out on the town! 
Cake Stand - Have a hostess in your life? Someone that would actually put a cake stand to good use? Get them this beautifully crafted stand! I'm in love with the design of it; it would be a great statement piece on your kitchen counter. 
Geometric Bag - I'm still obsessed with these, I don't care if they aren't #trendy anymore. I think they are fun and all of my friends would love 'em.
Sweater - Cashmere is so nice, but who buys it for themselves? I just discovered a sweater I bought at Goodwill is 100% cashmere and I was shook because I didn't know I owned something that nice. This sweater comes in every color under the sun and I think it's a great piece for anyone in your life. 
Lilly Dress - Know someone who lives in a tropical climate? Or someone who's going on a spring holiday? Get them this cute lil dress! I love the pattern and the cut; I think it would look flattering on anyone! 
Slip Pillowcase - I have no idea if this works but lordy the reviews make me want to buy one for myself. No frizz? Better skin? I'm here for those things. This is very much a luxury I wouldn't buy for myself but I would totally buy for a best friend or mom or sister. 
New Balance - How cute are these? I'm in love! These would be a great gift for your bestie, sister or mom I think because they are cute, comfy and just a really good buy. Who could say no to these?
Gloves - If you know someone who lives in a cold climate or travels to cold climates gloves are a great purchase. I like these because they are just luxury enough. Like they are good gloves but they aren't ridiculously expensive. 
Perfume - A great luxury present that your friends won't buy for themselves is perfume. I'm guilty of this! Bath and Bodyworks spray for life, am I right? But something cute like this will brighten their day. 
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  1. I've heard so many great things about the silk pillowcase!