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Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

Can y'all believe that February is in two days? It blows my mind that soon I will be 22 and 21 will be a distant memory. Where has the time gone? 
But in the meantime, why don't you get your significant other something real cute this Valentine's season? Below are my top picks for the best February 14th you've ever had. Check them out and let me know what you're hoping for this V-Day - xoxo darling, Hayden.

{Watch Strap, Scarf, Sunglasses, Cocktail Glass, Champagne Truffles, Signet Ring, Phone Case, Chocolates, New Balance, Heels, Paris in Bloom, Smeg, Cookies}

Watch Strap - If your s/o has an Apple Watch then get them this band from Anthro because it is just too cute. And it is a perfect transition to spring. 
Scarf - I love this as an early Valentine's present so your s/o can wear it to work on the 14th to be that person. Also, it is so cute I would wear it year round. The stripes on one side make it easy to transition it into just a fun scarf.
Sunglasses - Everyone needs giant sunglasses, right? Don't we all want to feel like movie stars? If so this Celine pair in that fire-y red are the perfect present. Bring attention to your partner because they deserve it. 
Cocktail Glass - I love this for the guy in your life - make it a set with some of their first initial and some of their last. That way they'll have something classy for game nights, parties and just average nights in. 
Champagne TrufflesChocolatesCookies - I'm a big fan of sweets for holidays and Valentine's is no exception. Champagne Truffles are something everyone must try once, correct? And the Godiva chocolates in the heart container are a must. The cookies are great instead of actual conversation hearts because those babies taste like chalk.
Signet Ring - You can wear this piece all year, not just during the lead up to Valentine's. I love the simplicity of a signet ring and this one is just so fun. 
Phone Case - Everyone always needs a new phone case, they get dingy so fast. This one will throw you into spring mode with it's beautifully painted flowers. 
New Balance - These are just too cute and I think they would make a great present because most people wouldn't buy these for themselves. But it would be such a nice surprise gift. 
Heels - These are so flipping cute! They would make a great present for right before you take your s/o to Valentine's dinner. They come in many colors but I love the hot pink {does it remind you of Haute Table's logo too?} for a V-Day present. 
Paris in Bloom - If your person is someone who collects coffee table books like me, then this is a wonderful Valentine's present. It will make them want to book a flight to Paris for the spring ASAP though, so watch out for that side effect.
Smeg - If you are the married couple that drinks a lot of hot chocolate or tea and is basically Julia + Thomas then get this for your s/o. The millennial pink will add a pop of color to your chilly February mornings as you sit on a porch {work with me and picture this} talking about what amazing vacation you'll go on next. 

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