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Friday, January 12, 2018

What I've Read & Watched Recently

This break has been a great one for binge watching and I've had time to finish {almost} two books. Plus, I've purchased two more books to take back to Austin with me so I'm ready for more reading. Below I've outlined what I have read because all of these are really good options for your next read/watch list - xoxo darling, Hayden.


The Countess of Prague - My dad found this book for us because we are great lovers of The Lieberman Papers, which haven't had a new book in years. It is set in 1904 and features a housewife who turns herself into a detective. She shears off her hair, starts dressing like a peasant and leaves her {kind of lame} husband in the dust. It's full of accurate historic info about Prague and makes you want to hop on a plane as soon as possible. I think one of the things I liked the most is she isn't a super feminist? I'm a huge feminist but she is coming into her own and has no clue how to real be one, it's kind of funny. But eventually she starts to get there and that's where we see the real Trixie. It is a delightful read that would entertain you on any plane ride. 

Bluebird, Bluebird - I am almost done with this book as of writing this blog post and goodness is it good. I am over halfway through and I still haven't solved the mystery, which means this is a dang good book. It's set in 2016 rural East Texas and has race relations, drugs, murder and mayhem along the way. It centers on a black Texas Ranger who is struggling with his personal life, his love for the state of Texas and dealing with prevalent racism in the tiny town of Lark. If you want something that will challenge you this book would be an amazing choice. P.S. FX bought the book's film rights and plans to create a television series. 

M O V I E S  &  T V  S H O W S

The Darkest Hour - The obsession my family has for Winston Churchill is slightly concerning but when we heard this was coming out it was our first film of the winter season. If you haven't run out to see it due to its Oscar hopes you really should. You will get to hear some of Churchill's most famous speeches and the cinematography {especially the scene at the end} is wonderful. 

The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel - Oh my goodness. This is my favorite show for the first time in a long time. Seriously, I am in love. My parents and I started watching it toward the beginning of my break and we would watch about two episodes a night. Every night I would want to get back home so we

could watch because everything about this show is wonderful. The clothing - to die for, the acting - superb, the humor - hilarious, the scenery - quintessential New York. It's from the creator of Gilmore Girls and she does not disappoint. There is feminism, coming of age, spouse issues, religious tension, so many themes! It's on Amazon Prime and it is a MUST watch. 

Tin Star - My dad was sick over break so the family decided to binge this thriller staring Tim Roth {who we once saw buying produce at a Pasadena Whole Foods}. Boy is it dark. It's set in Canada and in the very first episode his son is shot...yeah...craziness ensues. There is so much alcohol, gun play, dirty oil money - seriously this show is insane. But gosh is it good, we couldn't stop ourselves

because it seems like every episode leaves you on a cliffhanger. 

Jean-Claude Van Johnson - If you are looking for a laugh this one is for you. I have never seen a Jean Claude Van Damme movie but I have heard of him and roughly knew what he did. In this six episode Amazon Prime show all he does is make fun of himself and it is so refreshing. You'll get to go on a movie set, save humanity and there is a cast of kooky characters along the way. 

LA to Vegas - Oh my this is bad, but so so so good. You can catch it on Tuesday nights and the plot line is literally about "Jackpot Airlines" which flies a route from LA to Vegas on Fridays and Vegas to LA on Sundays. The entire show takes place in the airport or on the plane with flight attendants joining the mile high club with customers and the pilot casually walking through the aisles doing promoted speeches for clubs on the strip. It is dumb and is only 30 minutes a week but if you are looking to lighten your week it is a good one. 

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