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Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Twenty Eighteen Resolutions

Happy 2018 my lovely darlings. I am so thrilled to get started on this extremely exciting year but first we must make our resolutions! You will never find me being the one to make the "lose five pounds" kind of resolutions, mine are more fairly achievable goals for the future. And this year some are more concrete than others but I am excited nonetheless. Please please please share your resolutions with me in the comments below! I want to know what y'all are planning on for 2018.

1. Be a Better Blogger 

My entire blog career, Haute Table has come second to school. And I am not saying it should have ever come first - it shouldn't have - school is the most important thing. But this semester I will have the most time I have ever had to dedicate to Haute Table. Being perfectly honest, I have been a terrible blogger since college. So I want to take this time to expand Haute Table's content, work with more bloggers/companies, finally re-design the blog, attempt to get sponsored, comment on other blogs, do more with my social media and more. I need to be more present in the blog world, a world that I truly love and that has done so much for me. 
So here is to kicking butt in the blogger world. 

2. Read More 

I have always been an avid reader. I love books and I'll pretty much read anything you hand me. But since college has taken over my life I have only really read over breaks, despite the fact I could have put my phone down during the semester and read. This year my goal is to do exactly that, put that iPhone down and read an actual, physical book. There are so many out there that I have been wanting to read {and more published every day}. 
So here is to making a reading list and finishing it. 

3. Avoid My Bed

But you love your bed...true but I find myself more and more laying in bed on my phone, binge watching or reading a textbook/doing homework. I need to stop. I am so much more productive when I sit at my kitchen counter, on my couch or outside of my apartment. I love my bed but this needs to end. 
So here is to getting out of bed and into productivity. 

4. Take Charge of My Life

This is not something I struggle with, so calling this a resolution feels kind of strange. It is more of a continuing goal? I am a very in control person but this is the year of big changes. So this is kind of a reminder to myself to remain in charge. I hold the keys to my destiny {sorry for the cheese factor}. I get to make the decisions about where my life heads after this and I just need to continue thinking that. Also, I am usually pretty confident but I know I can work on that and I will continue to work on the goal of not being as afraid to do things on my own - something I have been doing really well with. 
So here is to continuing to be in charge of my life. 

Lastly, I vow to vote in the midterm elections. 

Good luck everyone - xoxo darling, Hayden.

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