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Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Why I Haven't Been Consistently Posting

Hook 'Em Always
Hi Darlings.
So if you follow the blog on the reg, you'll have noticed I've missed a few days over the past couple of weeks. Usually it's on a Wednesday, Thursday, Friday or Saturday and I'm sorry.
But I'm at this impasse with Haute Table - no, I still love it, that isn't the problem. It's more of a problem of I want to create really good content? Like in the past I used to put 10 images in a post with no words and call it Saturday Inspiration - and that was fine back then but that isn't what I want to do anymore. I want to provide for y'all stuff that I would want to read. So sometimes I don't have a post and then the blog just sits empty. 
However, I am working to remedy this. My semester is super light this year because 1) I'm applying for jobs #stressed and 2) I want to focus on other things - like the blog! I am taking a lot more time to come up with an editorial calendar this year and I'm really excited about it.
So I hope you can forgive the past few weeks of not posting 6 times a week, it's coming back I promise. 

Hope you're having a wonderful day - xoxo darling, Hayden. 

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