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Saturday, January 6, 2018

Articles I'm Reading

  1. These are amazing // Woman Paints On Her Smoothie Bowls Using Natural Ingredients And The Result Is Too Pretty To Eat // Bored Panda
  2. Some of these I can remember, others my parents told me about // Do You Remember These Defunct Restaurant Chains? // Definition
  3. THIS IS SO PRETTY // An Irish Wedding Inspired by the Scenery // Martha Stewart Weddings
  4. I got Celebrity Jeopardy, which is my all time favorite... // Which "Saturday Night Live" Sketch Are You? // Buzz Feed
  5. These couture gowns are gorgeous // Nardos Design
  6. YAAAAS!!! Publix is THE BEST // The Country's Best Sandwiches Are Made By This Florida Grocery Chain // Thrillist 
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