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Saturday, November 4, 2017

Articles I'm Reading

  1. I totally agree with this list // 6 Habits That Are Guaranteed to Put You in a Good Mood // Pure Wow
  2. I'm not normally a wedding person, but this is sheer perfection // Bumble Founder Whitney Wolfe and Michael Herd’s Wedding in Positano // Vogue
  3. I AM SHOOK // Gal Meets Glam x Frye Boots // Gal Meets Glam
  4. This looks so beautiful // Mastered Croissants? Now Try Making A Croissant Loaf // Food 52
  5. Amazing // This Crazy Ad Replaced Every Black Dot in an Entire Magazine With a Colored Dot // Ad Week
  6. How cute is this skirt? // Sumter Skirt // World Shopping Center
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