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Friday, August 11, 2017

Reflections Going into Senior Year

Y'all, I do not want to write this post. Seriously, I have been avoiding writing this all week because the fact that I am a senior terrifies me to my bones. Going to college is one of the greatest, toughest, decisions of your life and the fact that I have less than 9 months in the amazing city that is Austin is I N S A N E!
But, I decided to reflect on going into my senior year, so I'm going to do it for you. 
First, let me say choosing to go to an out of state university was the single greatest decision I have made about college. I understand why people go in-state/do not have the option to go out but if you do, challenge yourself. If you stick in the same place, with the same friends, are you really growing as a person? I know I wasn't so moving four states away with absolutely nobody was the best possible scenario for this only child to grow.
Second, getting involved, which I talked about in my college tips, was what really helped me tounderstand who I am in a better light. I always knew I loved being involved but college helped me specialize my groups, I now feel more comfortable leading, speaking and being a part of something bigger than myself.
Third, if you have the opportunity, study abroad. I'm not one of those people who think studying abroad changed me. I am still the same person who got on a flight to London that got off of one in Miami, but I do think you learn so much more about the world around you if you go abroad. Plus, if you didn't go out-of-state this will put you out of your comfort zone more than anything else you'll experience.
Those are my three biggest reflections on college. Aside from that, I have loved my time at the University of Texas at Austin. Being a Longhorn has taught me what it means to have school spirit, what it takes to be part of a huge group of people all trying really hard to be the best and that no matter what we all share a commonality. Going into senior year, I am trying to bring up the GPA a little {who isn't?}, socialize to the max with my friends and really just live it up in my last two semesters. College is so much fun and the lack of real responsibilities, for me personally, is something I really want to capitalize on this year. Every semester I say I want to make it the best ever, but I want to make my senior year, truly the B E S T ever. I encourage you to follow along on my journey this year, it will, as always, progress on the blog. I am creating a one-second-a-day for my entire senior year so that will be something to look for in May. If you have any advice for a senior in college, please leave it for me in the comments below-xoxo darling, Hayden. 

Hook 'Em Forever, Y'all.

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