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Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Dorm Room Essentials

Welcome to day three of College Week! Today is all about what you need for your dorm, don't be confused by those lists at Target & Bed, Bath and Beyond - they always say you need more than you do. If you want to see what my freshman dorm looked like, click here.

Comforter - I say get a comforter instead of a duvet because those can be so much trouble.
Bed Pillow - This will save your life when you have to stay up late studying and don't want to go to the library/all of the buildings are closed.
Sheets - Bring two sets, trust me.
Tote Bag/Reusable Grocery Bags - These are great for grocery trips, weekend getaways and transporting stuff to class. I think I had about 5 of them my freshman year.
Lamp - This might not be necessary for your dorm, mine didn't need it but if your dorm lacks light get a small lamp! I am loving the cactus one from Target, so cute.
Throw Pillow - Completely up to you, but if you plan to make your bed you can really tie it together with a cute pillow {or your friends can lay on it when they come visit}. 
Hand Towels - Have two of these as well because you'll hate laundry. 
Stamps - These are great for if you need to send off scholarship applications, letters to friends or your family. 
Cute Art - Get some command strips and go crazy with your walls. You'll be living in your dorm for a little less than a year, so make it yours! I did a ton of cute wall art on core board, some of which I still have in my apartment. 
Push Pins - Most dorm rooms have ton of bulletin board space so bring a ton of these to hang up your memories.
Book End - This is not for books necessarily, but cute little figurines can really personalize your space without taking a ton of space. I recently bought this specific one for my apartment because hook 'em!
Thank You Notes - If you don't know this yet, you should always send thank you notes to your intern employers, so having some around is the best way for success.
Stapler - Trying to find a stapler on campus can be incredibly annoying, and your professors might have weird stapling rules, so just get one and take it with you.
Hand Sanitizer - My roommate and I had a giant container near our door so we could use it on the way in/out because getting sick is, unfortunately, a huge part of living in a dorm, try to avoid it!
Cold Medicine - Instead of trying to find it when you feel like you are dying, go ahead and bring some to move-in. I use Alka Seltzer and it works like a charm! 
Excedrin - You'll need some type of pain reliever at some point in college, so go ahead and purchase it on the front end. 
Duct Tape - Stuff happens, be prepared with the ultimate tape.
Heating Pad - This was not something I personally use {I've actually never used one} but the best friend suggested it. She used it for long nights studying and said she couldn't have gotten through college without it.
Hangers - Bring as many as you possibly can.
Glue Gun - I did not bring one to college and kind of regretted it immediately, I ended up buying a cheap one and have used that thing like crazy.

I hope these help you in your packing endeavors! Below you can find where all the super cute stuff from above is available for purchase-xoxo darling, Hayden.

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  1. Mm yes! One of those bed/back pillows came in handy! I hadn't brought it down initially but had my mom send it later one ;)