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Sunday, August 20, 2017

Five Years, Part Two

Can I just say I am so happy with the way the posts have gone this year?! Like we got over 1,500 page views on a lot of the posts, that is INSANE! Seriously, a huge shout out to y'all for that crazy support. Also, as I was going through the "most popular" a ton of them were my favorites so it was really difficult to choose. It seems like readers really love it when I get real with them {see "day off" & "my hair"} so I am going to be attempting to do more of that. You guys also really liked my 21st birthday posts, thank you for that! And then four of the most popular posts were about outfits, which hasn't ever happened. I am so, so, so happy about that! 
As for the posts I, personally loved this year: Doing a photoshoot at the Dallas Arboretum's pumpkin patch was magical. Also, writing travel guides has become one of my favorite pastimes so being able to write about Fort Myers & Paris and having y'all love them? That was icing on the cake. Traveling with Hannah is something that is incredible {plus she is a killer photographer} so those photos {and the shirt} in Houston were beautiful. The fam bam took a trip to my favorite place in the states, North Carolina and I loved two different shoots we did there. Lastly, the other two shoots I loved were with the two-tone pink wall in Austin and of me wearing a Target shirt...it was the first time ever Target had shared my photos. I think they have since done it, two more times.
Again, literally none of this would be possible without you all. Seriously. You guys are the backbone with which Haute Table thrives. So THANK YOU!!! I am looking forward to another year of HT victories {maybe even getting one post to over 2,000 views...who knows what is possible}! 

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