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Friday, January 9, 2015

Articles I Am Reading

  1. This makes me want to be in New England so bad! 35 Images of Everyday Inspiration, from Summer to Autumn...This is Glamorous 
  2. I love this video, I have showed it to all of my fashion friends...10 Ways To Be Parisian with Caroline De Maigret..ID
  3. Vienna, go! 10 Best Cities To Visit This Year...Lonely Planet
  4. Cubans are very important in Florida, they are also delicious...Best Sandwich By State...Business Insider
  5. This is so adorable...Burberry's Holiday Ad Is Four Minutes of Smiling, Romeo Beckham Cuteness...Huff Post
  6. I want to study abroad in Italy so this is perfect...Six Reasons to visit Milan in 2015...Lonely Planet
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