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Monday, January 12, 2015

Golden Globes Fashion Review

 I think I would like this dress if her hair was not like that.
 She looks amazing.
 I have never been a fan of the "Grecian Goddess" dress.
 I like it, but I think her hair would have been better curled or up.
 Her hair should have been down, but I like the dress.
 She looks amazing!
 I feel like this will not be a popular one, but I love it.
 My mom thought she was wearing drapes...I kind of have to agree.
 LOVE. She can do no wrong.
 I feel like the dress looks good on her, but the gloves are
 killing me...just say no.
 That dress perfectly matches her eyes and she looks stunning.
 I love this woman and her dress.
 Not a fan, but love the shoes.
 Love her dress.
 Perfect hair, great dress.
 I feel like if that was a mini dress some girl would be wearing it on Miami beach, dancing on a bar, but it looks good on her, just hate the hair.
 Not the necklace but the dress is beautiful.
 YES. She is one of my favorite people.
 Not a fan of Lupita this year, loved last year, not this year.
 So pretty.
 I don't like the belt but I love the necklace.
 Still not a fan of the Grecian dress.
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